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The Confessions Tour - Madonna


TYPE: live
LABEL: Warner Bros.
RELEASE DATE: 30 Jan 30, 2007 2007


1Future Lovers/I Feel Love (Disc 01)Lyrics
2Like A Virgin (Disc 01)Lyrics
3Jump (Disc 01)Lyrics
4Confessions (Disc 01)Lyrics
5Isaac (Disc 01)Lyrics
6Sorry (Disc 01)Lyrics
7Sorry (remix) (Disc 01)Lyrics
8I Love New York (Disc 01)Lyrics
9Let It Will Be (Disc 01)Lyrics
10Music Inferno (Disc 01)Lyrics
11Erotica (Disc 01)Lyrics
12Lucky Star (Disc 01)Lyrics
13Hung Up (Disc 01)Lyrics
1Future Lovers/I Feel Love (Disc 02)Lyrics
2Get Together (Disc 02)Lyrics
3Like A Virgin (Disc 02)Lyrics
4Jump (Disc 02)Lyrics
5Confessions (Disc 02)Lyrics
6Live to Tell (Disc 02)Lyrics
7Forbidden Love (Disc 02)Lyrics
8Isaac (Disc 02)Lyrics
9Sorry (Disc 02)Lyrics
10Like It or Not (Disc 02)Lyrics
11Sorry (remix) (Disc 02)Lyrics
12I Love New York (Disc 02)Lyrics
13Ray Of Light (Disc 02)Lyrics
14Let It Will Be (Disc 02)Lyrics
15Drowned World/Substitute For Love (Disc 02)Lyrics
16Paradise (Not For Me) (Disc 02)Lyrics
17Music Inferno (Disc 02)Lyrics
18Erotica (Disc 02)Lyrics
19La Isla Bonita (Disc 02)Lyrics
20Lucky Star (Disc 02)Lyrics
21Hung Up (Disc 02)Lyrics

Additional Info:

The Confessions Tour, filmed at London's Wembley Arena during her worldwide sold-out 25-city Confessions Tour (2006's top-grossing tour world-wide), features songs from throughout the dance diva's career but largely focuses on Confessions On A Dance Floor. Bonus Footage on DVD: Je suis L'art, They're naughty children, Rollerskating, Photo Gallery.

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