15 Tracks from MDNA Revealed

February 02, 2012

We are happy to share the titles to 15 of the songs to be included on the Deluxe Edition!

- Girls Gone Wild
- Gang Bang
- I'm Addicted
- Some Girls
- I Don't Give A
- Turn Up the Radio
- Give Me All Your Luvin'
- B-day Song
- Superstar
- I'm a Sinner
- Masterpiece
- Falling Free
- Love Spent
- I Fucked Up
- Beautiful Killer

Also, don't forget that the 18-track Deluxe edition of the album will be available for pre-order from iTunes at 6am PST / 9am EST tomorrow!

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08 March, 2012
MDNA Revealed
It’s what I’ve been hoping for… I love you Madonna! Thank you!
03 February, 2012
MDNA-Her most revealing album ever?
There's no question that MDNA is a revealing look into Madonna's world, psyche and catharsis! If the Rock Critics like, no-even love MDNA, Madonna will have scored a major victory! Madonna, I'll be there for you! Hop, Love and Peace!
03 February, 2012
listening over & over to pick which one is my F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E.
03 February, 2012
Madonna is Madonna
Fantastic! Can't wait to hear the whole album
03 February, 2012
We will give you all our love!
03 February, 2012
the new age beginnings!!!!
is time for your return, is time to say the true pop queen MADONNA
03 February, 2012
is the 18 track available on UK intunes?? if not why not!!!!!!
02 February, 2012
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