Madonna Does Ryan Seacrest’s Radio Show

October 01, 2009

Madonna gave Ryan Seacrest’s radio show a call this morning to discuss her freshly released ‘Celebration’ Greatest Hits album.

If you’ve missed the interview, just visit KiisFM’s website by a clicking here!
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09 October, 2009
Madonna interview
I think that Ryan did ok. I do think that he was trying to hard to flirt. He's a flirt. But Madonna was funny.
07 October, 2009
i loved this inertview
i loved this interview it was great madonna come back to mexico soon
05 October, 2009
Seacrest Interview
Good job Ryan Seacrest. Loved it. Madonna you sounded great.
04 October, 2009
Madonna Interview with Ryan Seacrest
Love you even more right now! It is so nice to hear you laughing :-) great interview!
03 October, 2009
ryan seacrest interview
amazing interview!!! Love it!
02 October, 2009
madonna Ryan Sechrist
Madonna seems laid back now. I like it, she seems more real. Madonna looks hotter and sounds hotter than she has in years.
02 October, 2009
Seacrest knows exactly what to ask to allow Madonna to feel comfortable. The conversation was funny and to hear Liz at the end is always a plus. I can see Liz with her Devil horns listening in on Ryan. Fun fun fun!!
02 October, 2009
happy madonna!!!
Madonna is so happy and you can feel that if you hear her voice at the interview.
02 October, 2009
Go M!
HILARIOUS interview! Madonna played Ryan's game and totally beat him! :)
01 October, 2009
ryan seacrest interview
good interview-i hope there are more appearances and shows and interviews !! Holidav
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