Confessions Tour

Show DateJuly 22, 2006
LocationMiami, FL
VenueAmerican Airlines Arena
TourConfessions Tour


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Orly on Saturday, September 17, 2011 said:
It was HOT! (Literally)
Wow..what an amazing concert. Hands down one of my favorite concerts of M or any other artist at that. I was close, I was sweaty and I took my shirt off and danced through the whole concert with a few Heineken Jugs. The energy was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Miami LOVES Madonna!
materialboy90 on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 said:
best experience of my life
That was my very first concert. I\'ve always loved madonna so it had to be the very first time i watched some one live and i will always remember it. I had to save a lot of money for travelling and tickets but it certainty worth it. Madonna thanks a lot for being such important part of my life worth your music
Diva_D on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 said:
This was a great show... I just remember singing and singing. Went with an ex-boyfriend and a friend. Wow that brings back memories!
WEOintoGroove on Monday, August 15, 2011 said:
I was a Lucky Star to Get Together for Madonna both May 27th in Las Vegas, and July 22nd in Miami. I was not Sorry either time, got to Jump Like A Virgin! Like It Or Not, Madonna\'s Music is like a Ray Of Light. I was totally Hung Up! I did Live To Tell all the Future Lovers about her dancing, which was full of Erotica, but was no Forbidden Love, or a Substitute For Love. I would love to see her at Madison Square Garden, or somewhere tropical, because I Love New York and La Isla Bonita; either would be a Paridise!
Hector73 on Sunday, August 14, 2011 said:
I had just moved to Miami 2 months prior. I bought a tix the day of the concert. Best money ever spent for a concert. Best memory of the night was me struggling with 2 other people for Madonna\'s Cowboy hat which she threw into the crowd. I feel like she was looking at me and aiming the hat for me. I caught it along with 2 other fans, unfortunately, one of them was a women who begged me and the other guy who caught it, to give it to her. Had I been out at the time, I would have scratched her eyes out for it, but I was a gentleman and relinquished the hat. But for 1 moment, I felt Madge\'s sweat and that memory will live forever with me. Love you Madonna!!!!
Rudyjavier76 on Thursday, August 11, 2011 said:
The best
One of my favored shows yet... The Energy was crazy.. As a Cuban refuge I never thought it was possible to see the Queen .. thank you so much for the best time ever u!!! P.S saving already for the next
pintini on Monday, August 08, 2011 said:
Is defenetly, the best madonna´s tour ever. I traveled from Colombia only to see the show and was and amazing experience. Long live to the queen!!!
champalover on Monday, August 08, 2011 said:
There are no words available on this earth in which to use to justify my love for Madonna. She had me at the time when I was like a virgin. Listening to her every day is to me is a holiday. And just like a prayer she took me there, there to the many places I could escape to when i was on the borderline of madness...of sadness. My heartbeat is rapid when she makes me vogue. She is my angel, not a pretender. Madonna is simply INCREDIBLE!  Hoping to see her again!
dancefeva on Monday, August 08, 2011 said:
Shiny and New
By a landslide the most artistically, creative and beautiful show you have ever put on. I was so excited to attend this show and see how well you had rebounded from your horseback riding accident, and MAN did you ever!!! When I saw dancers wearing harnesses and bits in their mouth I knew this was going to be like nothing I had ever seen or been a part of. Every segment was a new adventure and they all tied together beautifully. When the show aired on TV I was living in NC at the time and it was to air on Thanksgiving Eve. Charlotte pushed back the air time to 8pm to 4AM and I stayed up to watch it so I could experience the show all over again. I have purchased the concert DVD 3 times because I keep wearing it out. Please give us another show like this one!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
polosport13 on Monday, August 08, 2011 said:
was my 5th time seeing a tour, and by far my favorite still...the disco was kicking....and the highlight was Music Inferno....all thru the heat of Miami...will never be forgotten! Happy Birthday M.
gameboy74 on Tuesday, April 05, 2011 said:
Confession Tour
The fans were electric that night. The concert was awesome.
ramin on Sunday, January 09, 2011 said:
confessions tour
very very good
lizzieicon on Wednesday, June 02, 2010 said:
Second favorite concert from M. First of course is the Virgin Tour. Had a great time! Miami is the place to be!

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