A Message From Madonna

February 04, 2012

"Your Love and support means the world to me and will give me wings to fly through the Super Bowl!!" - Madonna

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04 March, 2012
I LOVEMADONNA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MOOOOO!! ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))
08 February, 2012
Superbowl performance
Still got it!!!
08 February, 2012
madonna hi my name is okay Marcele and I'm from Brazil rio de janeiro love your music and you also loved your new song and not wait to buy the cd have a collection here at home from CDs and DVDs including the tour you madonna love of passion swept the super bowl of passion you loved me will always be the eternal queen of pop love you too much for me part of my life and even kisses
08 February, 2012
From start to finish you was fantastic, as usual you had me dancing singing along and that was only in my living room, so to be there would of been even more thrilling well done you showed the world why you are the most iconic female artist ever love always lindsey from england u.k
08 February, 2012
super at the super bowl
Great show , amazing entrance..yep still is and always be ..The queen..
08 February, 2012
Y love you, you are wondeful. Sergio Acosta From Santiago de Chile.
08 February, 2012
You brought a tear to this 52 year- old man's eye, watching you perform. Thank you, my Queen.
08 February, 2012
lulubells Wedesday, Febuary 8, 2012
Amazing half time show!!! Can't wait to see madonna in September!!
08 February, 2012
Simply the best
art combined with classmate that only can carry and deliver. Amazing show!
07 February, 2012
thank you
thank you for coming to dallas my queen..
07 February, 2012
U go girl!!
Thax for comming back to Norway again, this time indoors no rain, cant wait to se you again (for the 5th time, hihi)
07 February, 2012
You Rock
I have been a fan since 1985. After all these years you still know how to rock the house. You did a wonderful job at the Superbowl. I will always admire you for all your accomplishments. Keep Rockin Madonna !!!!
07 February, 2012
Queen is Back!
It's always differente with you, Madonna.
07 February, 2012
NYC eagle
The men at the Eagle were so into your show! It was fantastic. And as NY was about to win, I LOVE NEW YORK remix was being pumped into the bar. So cool! We love you! See you 9/6 at the stadium. NYC-LUV-MADONNA¡
07 February, 2012
my dear madonna!!!!!!!!!
thank you for giving me joy and hope!!!!!!!!!! your music does what is best on me to make a better person ok please come to miami in your world tour ok your lyal number 1 fan gino great act on the superbowl girl you really rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07 February, 2012
Best Ever!
I declare Madonna's performance to be the best half time show in history! I loved it! Can't wait to see you in Houston again! Love!
07 February, 2012
Memorable experience
I was a stagehand volunteer for the show, and I'm still amazed and so feel so grateful for being a part of it. I've seen you in concert four times, but I will remember this experience over them all. You will forever be the world's best artist. Indy loves you!!
07 February, 2012
to my hero
You really rock at the superbowl! it was the best halftime show ever, you showed to the new generations the meaning of a real artist! you show was perfect! you are perfect! this world will surround to your knees again! we love you!
07 February, 2012
Yankee Stadium....
07 February, 2012
Rocked The SUPER BOWL!!
I knew You would Rock the Stadium at the Super Bowl!!!! NEVER a DOUBT!
07 February, 2012
Loved seeing you Madonna
You are inspirational!
07 February, 2012
Best Super Bowl Halftime EVER!
Love this woman! Grew up listening to you (and watching Whos that Girl? <3) in the 80's and 90's and still have you in my car now. You are a fabulous person, love ya!! xoxo
07 February, 2012
You are the one and only..!!!
Amazing, spectacular show, definitely your are the number one....Congratulations...!! And please, please Madonna come to Costa Rica, we will waiting for you..!! God bless you..!!!
07 February, 2012
Once again you have shown the world why you are the Queen ...a breathtaking entrance leading to a jaw dropping music rework to a what is going too be another worldwide smash to a incredable finale ...love you forever x
07 February, 2012
World Tour
Looking forward to seeing HRH back in Ireland in July 2012
07 February, 2012
concert in Ä°stanbul 7 June :))
Ä° am soo happy that you have included Ä°stanbul to your tour! can't wait to see you live! Love you! Superball was awsome!
06 February, 2012
Hey Madonna!-I'll be your Ray of Light F
Brilliance, Sadness, Joy and Emotion! Lady Madonna, You Will Shine Brightly for me Forever! Beautiful Queen Madonna, You're a Classy and Brilliant Lady! Can't Wait to See and Hear You on Tour! Madonna Forever!
06 February, 2012
Love You Madonna! You were amazing last night!
06 February, 2012
Horheezy saving his $$.
Amazing performace!!! I could not blink once during the whole performace. Madonna, I'm counting my pennies for your next tour. See you again in NEW YORK CITY!!!
06 February, 2012
Wonderful, aqmazing, fantastic show!!!! You are the Queen. I'm waiting for you in Florence Italy smack smack smak!!!!!
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