A New Icon...

January 30, 2008
Welcome to the new version of Icon, Madonna's Official Fan Club. If you can see this message it's because everyone can now access this page without having to join the club. Here you'll find more infos on what the Official Madonna Fan Club is up to, but also learn about exclusive content and members-only contests and services. Want to join Icon for free? it's now possible! Just click on the Join button now and subscribe to a Virtual membership, which will allow you to navigate more of the site's sections, including photos, goodies, audio and video clips! If you're not a member yet but want to get even more content than you would with a virtual membership, just sign up for a Platinum one! A Platinum membership gives you access to reserved content, exclusive contests, 4 issues of Icon Magazine and a special gift to be delivered right to your mailbox (more details to be announced soon) If you're already a member of Icon, just log in and enjoy the ride! New content and add-ons will be added on a regular basis, so stay tuned! Are you ready for a brand new Madonna year? We are, so let's get together!

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