A New Raisingmalawi.org

September 19, 2009

We are happy to announce the re-launch of RaisingMalawi.org.

Three years ago Raising Malawi was founded to bring an end to the extreme poverty and hardship endured by Malawi's 2,000,000 orphans and vulnerable children once and for all.

We’ve launched this site to raise awareness of the dire conditions in Malawi, rally people behind the cause, and to let you know how you can be part of the solution.

At RaisingMalawi.org, you can learn why we must help Malawians, find ways to volunteer at home and abroad, and get your friends involved. You can also check out the Raising Malawi store and purchase goods that will benefit the children of Malawi.

To encourage your support and donations Madonna has issued a challenge and for every dollar you donate she will match it one to one, dollar for dollar. Every bit will help make a difference.

We know the challenges Malawians face are hard to imagine, but we believe that a different reality is possible. If we work together, our effort can do more than just change Malawi—it can foster change for vulnerable populations throughout Africa.

We can’t continue to turn our backs on those in greatest need. This is our chance to lend support. The time has come to raise Malawi.

How do you plan to help?
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26 September, 2009
just makes me cry
it's just wonderful what is being done to help HIV & aids victims by madonna it's so great and if i can i will donate to help
26 September, 2009
these people need help to combat aids & HIV it's good to see Madonna sending out a good message if i was famous i'd fly over there and help them like that
25 September, 2009
We have so much and they have so little. Iconers, donate! I just did, so can you even if its not much. Thanks for the matching M :)
21 September, 2009
Giving is nicer than getting
Hi, I'm definitely going to donate and I hope all other icon-members will do the same, especially as Madonna is matching it one to one. To Madonna and the other people who will donate: giving is so much nicer than getting! Thank you!
20 September, 2009
The gold Woman....
Madonna my name is Antonio, i live in ecuador...and I wanna tell you that you are a gold woman, because you make more than 1,000 childrens so happy because with all your donations, you are like an angel passing to they room, I hope that you never change because you are a gold woman....Thanks Madonna for make happy to the childrens....and to their parents too..hehe bye... I love you Madonna...Sincerely...Antonio Cedeño..:)
19 September, 2009
new Malawi website
I will go and see the new site. Holidav
19 September, 2009
You Can Make This Happend!
That is GREAT Madonna! I just donated myselfe! and i think this help to get people involved and help other in need. We must STOP just thinking about oureselfe! Thank You!
19 September, 2009
fortune favors the bold : fortune is a b
I admire and have my heart touched, softened and inspired by acts of courage and love like those, regarding adpotion and sponsorship. when we step out of our boxes and reach lives of people less favoured by "fait", making an effort to change their lives, we have the power to, actually, transform theirs and ours: destinies into something better; filled by hope. Thanks Madonna! Hope Brasil will touch your heart to have such projects over there as well. Beijo no seu coracao. Te amo e obrigado. Jancarlo, from London. ps. I only saw the full new version of the second make of celebration now! I saw Lourdes and she is Gorgeous like you always were! Felicidades, Paz e Prosperidade pra vc e p sua familia. God Bless U
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