Be The Next Face Of "Material Girl"

October 28, 2011
Madonna and Lola are currently looking for the next faces of Material Girl. Do you think you have what it takes to star in their next ad campaign?

Five castings will take place next month. Visit for more info and/or to enter.

Good luck!

PS: Click here to watch Madonna & Lola's related video on Youtube.

November 03, 2011 posted by blerta_k
Madonna is my Muse
I admire many of her songs and I exercise listening to her single ISAAC, now i see my Muse giving to us her fans so many chances; dance with her and be the next face of Material Girl. I admire you & I wish I have the chance to meet you. with true admiration Blerta K
November 02, 2011 posted by nerina
Merina Madonna
Waaat is this realllyyy possible 2 be next face of material girl? coOol i wishshsh 2be:) well every one knows that im madly in luv with Madonna, and material girl y not me Lub u MadnnaAaaaaaa
November 02, 2011 posted by vivalda
5 yrs old girl never lost her faith
I grew up singing to La Isla Bonita and Madonna is the reason I want to sing soo bad. I would like to be the new face of Material Girl.That would be a honor. Dear Madonna, from far far away, in Africa's heart, there's a 25 yrs old "woman" that still have a 5 yrs old girl living inside of her. you know why? Beause that little girl never lost her faith in meeting her Muse one day. I LOVE YOU!!
October 30, 2011 posted by Jorky1000
Go!! Madonna... go!!!
You always have time for everything!!! For your movie... recording your new album... and now to find the new face of Material Girl! You're a ''WONDER WOMAN'' Yeah!! Love You Madonna... I can't wait to hear your new songs.. and watch your new film!! Greetings from Paraguay! Kisses!
October 28, 2011 posted by fabricio
Material Girl In Brazil?
Material Girl In Brazil? 'ILove Material Girl Collection' I Love You Madonna....
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