Celebration – In Stores Now!

September 29, 2009

The wait is now officially over as Madonna’s ‘Celebration’ Greatest Hits album hits the US stores today!

'Celebration' is available as a 18 Tracks CD and as a 36 tracks 2-CD set featuring 'Revolver'. A 2-DVD set including 47 Madonna videos is also available so make sure to get your copy now!

Madonna's Ultimate Greatest Hits Album has also been released as a Deluxe Edition on iTunes, and features all of the 36 songs + 2 exclusive bonus tracks, (including 'It's So Cool' and the Benny Benassi Remix of 'Celebration') as well as 30 videos! Just click here to download!
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01 October, 2009
candy perfume clair
LOVE IT! shame angel isnt on tho. Cant wait for S&S to come out xx
01 October, 2009
Love the dvd's, love the cd's (and the iTunes) and absolutely love the package as a whole! Revolver kicks ass, Celebration makes me dance completely, and It's So Cool rocks my brain the more I listen to it ;) So proud of being a fan of such an iconic, mind blowing and inspirational artist, now going on my 24th year as a fan I might add (since the age of 5) ;) I'm not obsessed though, I respect and learn from M's work and progress - and take it with me, as my ambitions climb new heights ;) This collection only inspires me more, so thank you Miss Madonna! ;P :)
01 October, 2009
Thank you for the MUSIC !!!
Love, love this double disc :-) The old songs listen to perfect and even the two new songs are great. Now I wish a Best-Of Remix CD ;-)
30 September, 2009
theres two things i dont like. 1. american life video is not on the dvd. 2. the version of the celebration video, i would have preferred the original version of the song.
30 September, 2009
What's Next?
The Double CD package is a must. The Artwork it's amazing. Hopefully we will have a Box Set in the future with unreleased material like the "Virgin Tour", "Blond Ambition" and "Re-Invention Tour" on DVD. That will kick some major .....!
30 September, 2009
Words can't discribe this collection and I find that the best one to do so is PERFECTION. I LOVE YOU MADONNA. Thank you for entretaining us throughout all of these decades. And please keep doing so for many decades to come. From Boston with LOVE. Juan ;-).
30 September, 2009
Celebration – In Stores Now!
Queen Madonna,I'm delighted to join in the fun with all your fans because I just got celebration cd's & dvd's even though my birthday isn't today,but I couldn't wait any longer so my family(they love u too,M) already gave them for me!Thanx to you M and her workers,this week will be a total celebration for all Madonna fans!Great poster arts too.
30 September, 2009
Oh my good
Revolver is sooooo good. When it came out, I can't help but listen only this song. 6 times an hour during 9 hours....well it makes 54 times the first day, and it's not finished. This song has the same place in my heart that Hung up :o) Madonna proves that she is still here, still on top, still the Queen. I'm so proud of here!!! Pascale
29 September, 2009
Where's the Blu Ray?
I 'm so happy to be able to watch all of her video's on dvd. I would love to see Warner release the video collection in Blu Ray. Hopefully the Sticky & Sweet Tour will be on Blu Ray.
29 September, 2009
in stores now
yeah-i just went to best buy and bought it !!! plenty of cd's-but only 2 copies of the dvd in stock on release day !! got 1 though-thank you MADONNA !!!
29 September, 2009
love you madonna
i love it i buy my.n today and i loveit 2 song are very good thank you madonna
29 September, 2009
madonna the best of the world
madonna you are the best i love you your celebration´s collletion it´s wow!!! mmm madonna 4 ever the queen of pop
29 September, 2009
A Million thanks to M.
It's been a incredible ride, and to top it off with this collection. it's like no other artist does this, and with the catalog of music. Madonna deserves it all, and to dream big as she did. Two words Icon / Queen
29 September, 2009
Come Join The Party!!!!
I'm loving the Celebration collection it's great to have a collection spanning all of Madonna's fantastic career. The dvd collection is amazing too (though it's a bit disappointing that Justify My Love is a slightly edited version compared to the video single that was released - nipples obviously are not acceptable!! Lol) Can't wait for the Sticky & Sweet Tour to have it's dvd release now.
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