Celebration & The Grammys

December 03, 2009
Madonna’s ‘Celebration’ single is nominated in the “Best Dance Recording” category at this year’s Grammy Awards. Other nominees in the category include Britney Spears, The Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga and David Guetta.

The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony will take place at Los Angeles’ Staples Center on January 31, 2010 and will be broadcasted live on CBS.
December 10, 2009 posted by packofong
so good for madonna! good luck!!! U are the best...
December 09, 2009 posted by ultrabri
CELEBRATION DESERVES to WIN IMO, because it is a celebration of all music not just one topic but all and its a dayum good song!
December 09, 2009 posted by lumb1
well done
why because of the deversity of music & the concepts that we've all seen over Madonna's career which have shocked and kept fans and others like me thinking about each songs album that's produced by Madonna. You'1ll see! madonna wins
December 09, 2009 posted by Anyaina
INTO CELEBRATION cause YOU deserve this & much more, Thnak you, Madonna, for years of MUSIC, LOVE, FASHION STYLE & INSPIRATION. This is not a Goodbye but I've always believed it's much better to EXPRESS YOURSELF when you are still alive! ;) Love u so much. You super fan, ANGELA.
December 08, 2009 posted by celebration72
I hope she wins.This award is Madonna's. I adore her music and video's and books and films.
December 06, 2009 posted by Gaga4Madonna
Congratulations Madonna!
I am so happy you're nominated! But in our eyes you have already won! good luck :)
December 04, 2009 posted by Alejo
From Colombia..congratulations!!!
Madonna you´re great!, I love you so much and your song Celebration is amazing. Espero que ganes el Grammy, lo mereces (You deserve to win the Grammy Award)
December 04, 2009 posted by mfangirl
This is the best song!!!!!!!! I think Madonna will win.
December 04, 2009 posted by butch1977
Damned Straight! Madonna Rulz!
December 03, 2009 posted by LaIslaMaria
good luck !!
December 03, 2009 posted by Julia
Felicidades Madonna...!
Not surprisingly ... hopefully win the grammy, because it is a fantastic song! Congratulations Madonna!
December 03, 2009 posted by SashaMadonna
Sasha Lanning
Come On M! Your can get that award easily!!! :) xx
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