Celebration US Maxi-Single Releases

October 07, 2009
Madonna’s ‘Celebration’ has just been released as a 6 tracks CD maxi-single in the USA.

This release features a new and different artwork created by Mr Brainwash, which is based on a Wayne Maser photo from 1992.

The CD’s tracks-listing goes as follow:

1 - Oakenfold Remix
2 - Benny Benassi Remix
3 - Oakenfold Remix Dub
4 - Benny Benassi Remix Edit
5 - Benny Benassi Dub
6 - Johnny Vicious Club Remix

Just click here to order your copy from Amazon.

Also, please note that a vinyl edition of the single is to hit the stores on October 20. Make sure to pre-order it now!
March 30, 2011 posted by DANIELS
finaly artist dont forget the vinly
its great to know that there still Release e lp/ep/single on vinly formet dont forget about the people that still belive at the turntable
November 09, 2009 posted by butch1977
I can't stop blasting it and dancing!
October 09, 2009 posted by ismamvd
Te amamos :) habla español ;) ?
Im a madonna fan from uruguay, i saw her on buenos aires, it was soo magical, soo great, soo amazing, the people and her, just us, enjoyoing.. Id love to buy that remixes here in uruguay, but its jus for USA :( madonna come back to buenos aires (here is 20 minutes from there), now you know hoow much we love you
October 09, 2009 posted by Darija
Yes!!!! Bravo!!!
October 09, 2009 posted by gad89
I love this new maxi- single but I haven't seen any Celebration Double CD and DVD here in the PHILIPPINES!!!!
October 08, 2009 posted by Lolipop03
I am so excited about this release! The remixes are awesome!
October 07, 2009 posted by LaIslaMaria
celebration single USA release
I will be sure to buy it !! The cover artwork is very cool !! THANKS Love , Holidav
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