French Elle Contest!

December 20, 2005
Madonna recently was featured on the cover of the french ELLE magazine. It was not the first time as she graced this famous fashion magazine's cover several times during the past twenty years, promoting an album or a new movie. As a Madonna fan, you probably still have on mind some of Madonna's most wonderful magazine covers, right? If you do, then answer the following question and you could be one of the 4 Iconers to get a copy of the latest french ELLE featuring Madonna as its cover girl: How many times did the french edition of ELLE magazine feature Madonna on its cover during the past 20 years (including the most recent one)? For each of them, give the year of publication and the name of the photgrapher behind the cover shot. E-mail your answer and full member info to before 3PM PST on December 21, 2005. Also, don't forget to use "French ELLE contest" as your e-mail's subject line.

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