Happy Anniversary 'Everybody'!

October 06, 2012

Madonna's 'Everybody' single celebrates its 30th Anniversary today! Wherever you are in the world, make sure to play it loud and to "Dance and Sing, Get up and Do your thing!
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11 July, 2013
This is a wonderful song Madonna has done; would never be so great without her...So thanks, M..for all the effort you put into its existence...I as a fan and many, many others love you for making our life so much more enjoyable...
17 October, 2012
oh i am glad i was around to dance to this first single in a club "City Lights" wayyy back in 1982-the DJ played it 2 times that night-Madonna is only 5 years older then me, i remember her emerging into the world of music , and she has not stopped since-Congrats to YOU M :)
13 October, 2012
Love You Madonna!-RB
I have danced, sung and cried to Madonna's music both in my rays of light and in my darkest hours of catharsis. Her whole smile, personality and outlook of life makes me smile. Madonna, keep doing what you're doing, never give up and always have a Fighting Spirit of Love! Your performance at Verizon Center in D.C was brilliant! I LOVE YOU MADONNA!-Rabbitbunny.
12 October, 2012
Anniversary Everybody
I just now downloaded Everybody from You Tube..Madonna is excellent in delivering this song; perfect music, voice, melody and rhythm..Also Madonna dances well in this film clip with beautiful colored lighting on stage..
11 October, 2012
excellente image
Une pochette belle en couleurs, j'adore ^^
10 October, 2012
QUEEN's Anniversary!!!
Your majesty MADONNA, I wish you all the best for your 30th Anniversary of the beginning of your incredible career! You are my idol since I was 11, in 1986. I instantly liked your voice and music when I first heard your songs, though I didn't understand English at that time! I remember walking from school to home listenning to Burning Up with my walkman in 1986. Angel was one of my favourites too! I have all of your maxi singles on CD, including Everybody, in perfect conditions to hear your distinguished music for decades to come! Love you always and...GOD SAVE THE QUEEN OF ENTERTAINMENT!!! You are the best artist in History!!! With all of my love for you and your family, from your #1 fan in Barcelona!!!
09 October, 2012
Where the story just Began for us... Please continue make us happy
09 October, 2012
Happy aniversary
I luv this song, a luv this woman so much, im on my late 30's all this song remind me of some great moments in my life, i have cried, laugh, dance, fell in luv with her music. luv her videos Luv seeing her live!! thank u Madoonna for all this years of inspiration, and good memories. And all the years to come! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!
09 October, 2012
For 30 years, people have tried to write her off as a has-been. Well, her body of work is a testament to her well deserved success. Keep on keeping on Madonna! Your MDNA tour truly inspired me. To one of the greatest artists of all time!!
07 October, 2012
I love you!
I love you Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
07 October, 2012
Thank you, Madonna
Well, it's Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada so I now have one more thing to be thankful for. "Everybody" still excites me to this day! Love, Angelo and Maurizio Stella P.S. I spoke to Guy Oseary and had my picture taken with him at the September 10 concert in Ottawa, Canada and he was very friendly and down to earth! I hope Madonna buys you that new camera!
07 October, 2012
Thank you
Thanks for performing this in San Jose on 10/6/2012!
07 October, 2012
Madonna Rocks!
There are stars, there are superstars, and there are megastars. Madonna is a MEGASTAR!
07 October, 2012
30 Years!
Congratulations on your milestone...I remember watching your debut on American Bandstand and thinking "this girl is gonna go far". Introduced your talent to my daughter somewhere around the age of six ...she is 28 now and last night (10/6/12) we finally had the pleasure of seeing you perform live. You look and sound great ...Thank you. Ciao Bella.
07 October, 2012
Happy 30th Birthday 'Everybody' !!!!!
Dance and Sing, Get Up and Do Your Thing, Everybody!!!!! :)
07 October, 2012
There's only one Queen and that's MADONNA!!!
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