Icon Classic Madonna Collection Contest Part 2

January 17, 2005
Iconers - Great job on last weeks contest! Madonna is reviewing the submittals now and we will have a winner shortly. Are you ready for your next challenge? Madonna.com's intro page has a new pic!

* Please send an email identifying the date that this picture was taken, including day, month and year.

You aren't done yet!

* Who designed the dress Madonna was wearing on this special night?

One more question right and you could be picked as a winner!

* Once you have identified this annual event, please name the other times Madonna has been a guest and if she has ever been honored.

E - mail your answer to icontest@moov - u.com before Thursday January 20th, 6.00 PM Pacific Time. Your email must also include your name, address and your valid ICON member number. Prize this week? A Girlie Show DVD & a Drowned World Tour DVD! Ready . . . Set . . . GO!!!!!!

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