November 21, 2005


Answer to the question, "Who is Madonna's new stylist?..." Shavawn Gordon!

Winners of the G-A-Y Contest:
- Helen Clifford
- Daniel Reddick
- Emma Hopkinson
- Adam Inglis
- Nikki Douthwaite


Winners of KOKO ticket Contest:

Winning Entry #1 by Nicholas Shepherdson:
You know those winter colds, where you just feel like tucking yourself up in bed? The type that leaves you drained of all energy, and longing to feel half normal again. After a week of suffering with no let up, I was well and truly fed up. Sat up in bed watching the TV I had almost worn out my remote control. Channel surfing, for what seemed like the millionth time that day I just caught the MTV European Music awards countdown. Armed with a cup of honey and lemon I prepared myself to watch Madonna's performance of her debut single from latest album Confessions on a Dance Floor.

As the first bars of "Hung Up" blasted out around the Lisbon Arena I knew we were in for something special. That ABBA sample that we've all heard a billion times before at drunken parties, remixed and rejuvenated, kicks in and the auditorium comes alive. The wall of sound doesn't just get the audience leaping but even, in my depleted state I am on my feet.

As yet Madonna is nowhere to be seen, but I know she's coming, and so do the millions of other viewers watching, and waiting to see what's in store. As an enormous Glitter Ball rises from the stage, Madonna appears. She doesn't just hit the stage she stamps her purple leather signature on an adoring crowd as the undisputed queen of pop, returns to her dance roots.

Effortlessly cool fashion has always been a trademark for Madonna and she doesn't disappoint. Wearing a purple leather jacket, an age defying leotard, with matching boots that any Dominatrix would die for, she sang and danced, in a way that only Madonna can. "Hung Up" was thumped out with passion and determination, accompanied by choreography and a routine as good as it gets. New moves, new sexy gestures, coupled with a thunderous beat, the hallmark of a Madonna performance, par excellence.

The audience loved it and was worshiping their hero in the aisles. And so was I. And there lies the Joy of Madonna. She can charm anything even my germs, for that five minutes of her performance, my cold, miraculously disappeared as if I had just been given a shot of the new wonder drug called "M" And I'm not ashamed to confess I want more.

I'm feeling much healthier now, I have my dancing shoes at the ready, I want my KOKO tickets.

Winning Entry #2 by Pascal Toutain:

Once upon a time, there was a boy who took the plane to Lisbon to try to live one of his dreams : see the Queen performing at a royal ceremony. He was a teacher from Paris and his students didn't have a hint of what he was about to do. What would they say about that? Probably that he is crazy and not a respectable teacher. The power of words is unbelievable and it's sometimes impossible to undo the damage caused by it. Without any fear, he decided to fly to Portugal with his best friend without any tickets in his pocket to fight the unknown. Actually it was not such a new situation. Indeed, the year before, he had already come to the Pavilhao Atlantico, without any ticket either, not to swim to the Ocean floor or to do his tears of mourning sink beneath the sun but just to have one look from the Mer girl eyes.

He was a courageous guy and never gave up even in tough situations. Nevertheless, when he arrived in front of the place, he got scared. Such a long and expensive journey; what a disappointment if all this was for nothing. Fear is a human caracteristic but its all about negativity and darkness, whereas light is a place where there's no chaos, no pain and no suffering.

With the help of the light, he found someone selling a key to get in this fabulous palace and his dream was ready to come true. The only thing left was to queue and time goes by so slowly for those who wait. He was not wasting his time but he felt like there was no place to run, no place to hide.

To have the gates opened, he said the magic words: Open, Sesame

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