Icon Statement

November 27, 2007

Dear Friends,

A lot of you have been e-mailing me about Icon lately, asking about the new digital magazine as well as the status of their membership and the fact that they can't renew from the site's main page anymore. I cannot reveal much details for now, but Icon is going through a lot of changes, which will be announced very soon. At this point, i would like you to know that the new issue of the digital magazine will be released in the next couple days. We're all very sorry for the delay, but the huge changes announced above asked us to put the release of the magazine on hold.

Also, i know that most of you signed for four issues of the digital magazine and only got one to date. Please keep in mind that you will get all of the issues included in your membership without having to renew. More details will follow shortly. Last, but not least, the 'renew' option has been disabled as part of the forthcoming changes' schedule. If you're currently a member of Icon and that your membership is set to expire in the next couple weeks, you do not have to do anything for now as your membership will remain active for a period to be specified as part of a future announcement.

Once again, we're very sorry for the delay and for not being able to provide you with more info today, but believe me when i say that it's for the best!

Thank you for your understanding and patience.



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