February 14, 2006
So you've probably seen Madonna's new video for Sorry by now, right? In addition to making it the perfect follow up to Hung Up, Madonna has once again added a touch of freshness to this new video by using one of the disco years' favourite accessories... Yes, we're talking about her roller skates!

To create this hip choreography, Madonna had to practice and improve her skating skills during long rehearsals sessions. She had tons of fun learning how to skate and would like one of her fans to cherish that memory with her for a long time by giving him/her the pair she used for the rehearsals! If it wasn't enough, they are signed too! Please note, each winner will receive one signed skate.

Ready to roll? Ok, just watch the Sorry video carefully and tell us how many different costumes Madonna wears in the video. This includes the skating scene, outdoor and indoor ones. E-mail your answer and full member info (including your full name, mailing address, member ID and e-mail address) to icon@moov-u-mail.com before 11:59:59 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on February 15, 2006. Don't forget to use 'LET ME ROLL WITH YOU MADONNA' as your e-mail's subject line. Good luck to you all!

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