"Let Me Walk In Your Shoes" Contest Winner Announced!

December 19, 2005
Congratulations to Alfred Rossy! You are the winner of the "Let me Walk In Your Shoes" Contest! Read Alfred's winning essay here! "Madonna has taken us on an emotional journey over the years with her music, films, and bright spirit; however one thing that has kept Madonna ever-changing is her iconic fashion persona. Madonna has been dressed by some of the worlds leading designers, but none have brought the clothes Madonna before her even wearing them like Gaultier. From coned bras to kimonos Gaultier has never failed to design an iconic piece for the ultimate icon. Every piece he designs for her goes with her personality at the time in which she wears them. Some of the most memorable costumes for Blond Ambition were by Gaultier and they took Madonna's tour wardrobe to another level as her personality and career had been at the time. Every segments costume did justice in bringing Madonna forth to the audience. The costumes were so significant that they got their own spread in the June 1990 issue of Bazaar Magazine. Gaultier has obviously played a significant role in her career as he was featured in the Truth or Dare film, for which he also designed a piece for the premiere. I believe Gaultier can be said to be the only designer who has been featured on a magazine cover, Glamour Magazines June 1990 issue, with Madonna his muse. A couple of years later when Madonna was ready to bare it all again since the infamous 1979 nudes he created a controversial yet sexy, and bosom revealing piece for his fashion show in which Madonna walked the catwalk on September 24, 1992. This helped display Madonna's rebellious and sex driven attitude of the time. As Madonna matured and longed for motherhood Gaultier had her walk the catwalk once again, but this time in a more maternal way with a stroller and wearing a sexy yet futuristic gown that matched her Bedtime Stories persona of the time. When motherhood did finally come around Madonna's career took a more mystical and spiritual twist. Who better to design the dress for the first video off the new album then Gaultier? Gaultier was of course the designer of the mystical, Goth princess dress Madonna wore in her Frozen video. One of my favorite outfits from this era is the kimono which was worn during the video and Grammy Award performances of Nothing Really Matters. These brought back Madonna's appreciation of Asian culture. Madonna's appreciation of the Asian culture can also be seen in a segment of her Drowned World Tour in which Gaultier designed yet another Asian inspired outfit, which the sketch of was featured in the tour book. This showed Madonna's inspiration of what she took out of one of her favorite books Memoirs of a Geisha. We cannot deny the chemistry between the two, we even find ourselves buying Gaultier's Madonna inspired perfume bottle. Like Madonna, Gaultier is not afraid to take chances and that would explain what has kept them friends this long and them amazing the world one design after another all their work together is signature, timeless, and will not be forgotten."

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