Let’s Celebrate Madonna’s 40th Number One Single

September 11, 2009

In Billboard's September 26th issue (out next week) Our Lady of The Dancefloor Madonna will have her 40th!!! - that's right ' her 40TH NUMBER ONE SINGLE on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play Chart" - more than any artist in the history of that chart. A list of all her preceeding Number One's follow (feel free to sing along):

1. Holiday/Lucky Star (1983)
2. Like a Virgin (1984)
3. Material Girl (1985)
4. Angel/Into the Groove (1985)
5. Open Your Heart (1987)
6. Causing a Commotion (1987)
7. You Can Dance (LP Cuts) (1988)
8. Like a Prayer (1989)
9. Express Yourself (1989)
10. Keep It Together (1990)
11. Vogue (1990)
12. Justify My Love (1991)
13. Erotica (1992)
14. Deeper and Deeper (1993)
15. Fever (1993)
16. Secret (1994)
17. Bedtime Story (1995)
18. Don't Cry For Me Argentina (1997)
19. Frozen (1998)
20. Ray of Light (1998)
21. Nothing Really Matters (1999)
22. Beautiful Stranger (1999)
23. American Pie (2000)
24. Music (2000)
25. Don't Tell Me (2001)
26. What It Feels Like For A Girl (2001)
27. Impressive Instant (2001)
28. Die Another Day (2002)
29. American Life (2003)
30. Hollywood (2003)
31. Me Against the Music [Britney Spears featuring Madonna] (2003)
32. Nothing Fails (2004)
33. Love Profusion (2004)
34. Hung Up (2005)
35. Sorry (2006)
36. Get Together (2006)
37. Jump (2006)38.
4 Minutes [featuring Justin Timberlake & Timbaland] (2008)
39. Give It 2 Me (2008)
40. Celebration (2009)
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21 September, 2009
Wish I had that C.d. in my hands
Hello,Madonna , I love you,you are my queen,That C.D. deserves a bunch of awards,love from the Florida Keys and from Nicaragua ,love the U.S.A.
18 September, 2009
Just the queen
Yeah for this reason she's the queen...oh and my favorite single is Hung Up I love it (L)
17 September, 2009
It's time again to celebrate!
Madonna has done it yet agan, givin us a a kick ass single with a mad as hell slamming video!!! I don't question her magic, I just sit back and am in awe of her - a massively gifted, talented, artist that can capture the entire cosmos in her work....she moves, not only me, but all who hear her call! No one can touch her - LONG LIVE The QUEEN...you will go down in history for being such an amazing HUMAN BEING! Pleaes, Maddona, continue to enrich our lives :) Mahalo and much Aloha in your life, you are nui nui!
14 September, 2009
Of Course!
There is no way I would expect any less of Madonna!! Forever our Royal Queen. LU.
13 September, 2009
it's a celebration
madonna your the best.every things you do is fantastic i love you madonna <3
12 September, 2009
Fans make better Celebration!
It sound so great, as all Madonna's universe can give us. Probably next success is to see fans who participate in Video Shoot in Barcelona and Milan... We still wait for it! This work can be a surprise for all world... Please, let it know when it can be released.
11 September, 2009
Congrats to the Queen
11 September, 2009
congrats Madonna-I hope there will be many more # 1 singles !!
11 September, 2009
Yes, it's a celebration just because it's madonna end not samthing else. Coooooooooooooool!
11 September, 2009
Congratulations madonna you must be very proud keep the tune,s rollin baby Xx i think all madonna fans should (CELEBRATE)
11 September, 2009
Let’s Celebrate Madonna’s 40th Number On
Congrats madonna! The one and only DANCING QUEEN!!! ....40TH NUMBER ONE SINGLE!!!!!! How impressive!!!! ...'Let’s get this started, yeah ‘Cause everybody wants to party with you'!!!!
11 September, 2009
Yeah! let us Celebrait!
You are my Qeen Madonna! You are my #1, only you can gain this. 40 #1 hits, wow thats grait! what about the next #1 single is it gonna be revolver? I hope so! Love that song : ) Madonna you have the best music in the world, and i cant hardly wait for the new celebration cd/ dvd to come in my mailbox : ) Im sitting here and waiting for it.............................................. still waiting................................................................................
11 September, 2009
Congrats to our Idola!
And we´re just getting started!..Records of #1, World Record Sticky and Sweet Tour...no one is gonna stop you now!..I can´t wait to see you again in Santiago, Chile
11 September, 2009
I like it, good dvd
11 September, 2009
Let’s Celebrate Madonna’s 40th Number On
wow fantastic achievement and i remembered when you first started people saying you wouldnt last, well you showed them!
11 September, 2009
yay! That's minimum one hit each year, with the exception of 1986, 1996 and 2007!! ;) Good goin' 'stranger' !!!! :D
11 September, 2009
Let's Celebrate!!!!!!!
This is not a surprise. The song is unbelievable and the video.....NO COMMENT. Again....THANK YOU for all your work. Kisses from Bucharest, Romania
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