Live from London & New Album in Stores Now

November 15, 2005
The wait is now officially over! Madonna's new album "Confessions On A Dance Floor" is available in stores! Before you get lost in the music, just make sure to read below as there are quite a few things you won't want to miss!

- You can now turn your computer off and visit your local record store to get your copy of the album or stay at home and order it from most of the online music stores. Madonna's Confessions are also available for immediate download from iTunes and have already hit the number one spot in many of the iTunes worldwide stores. Don't forget that iTunes is the only way to get the album as separate tracks in addition to the all-in-oneDJ set version.

-November 15, Madonna will play a special gig at the Koko Club in London and celebrate the release of her new album by performing live and on stage! If you won your tickets through various contests, then put your platform shoes on and get ready to dance! But if you're not to attend it, don't panic, AOL is going to broadcast the whole show live! Everyone is invited! Just make sure to visit the following url to watch the show by 11/15/05 10.00pm GMT:

Today, the earth will be a discoball and the music world will be Madonna's dance floor. So clap your hands, move your feet and celebrate!!!

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