Liz Smith on the new record...

September 26, 2005
DISC JOCKEYS from all across the U.S. converged in a small, chic backroom down at 14th Street's Lotus restaurant last Wednesday afternoon. They were there to listen to three tracks from Madonna's soon - due "Confessions on a Dance Floor" album, and to meet the CD's brilliant British producer, Stuart Price. Although it was all very casual, with cocktails and munchies, the music men - and women - listened intently, in their own hectic, head - bobbing way. (And most of them looked like fresh - faced college students!) M's sound went over big time, and Grammy - winner Price, only 30 years old, was mobbed. There were at least three dozen people in this confined space - Price could hardly move from all the handshaking, shoulder slaps and hearty hugs. He is worshipped in the dance community and uses another name on some work - Jacques Le Cont. He's produced for No Doubt and many others.

Talking about the songs, Price, who also has a very naughty sense of humor, said: "When dance music was young, there was a strong vocal, and the beat was underneath. Now, the vocal is not so prominent. Madonna and I wanted to make a dance album for today, which would satisfy everybody - those who want to really hear her voice and those for whom the driving thump - thump is the thing. I think We've succeeded."

Music scribe Maggie Stein, who also writes under the nom de plume Odyssey Jones, said, "This is hopeful dance music. It has a positive message, in that it's fun. Just fun. it's what Madonna needed to do.

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