Madonna Dares Us To Dare In The Latest Issue Of Harper's Bazaar

October 04, 2013
Check out the November issue of Harper's Bazaar with a special "Madonna by Madonna" exclusive feature. Madonna shares with us her intimate thoughts about her own path to freedom and her choice to always dare, no matter what.

From the Midwest born teenager who decided to live her life by "throwing convention out the window and dancing to the beat of a different drum" to the happy mother of four who has just launched the Art For Freedom digital initiative, Madonna "dares us to do something daring" and to join her Revolution of Love.

Visit "Harper's Bazaar" now for the full story and amazing photos by Terry Richardson. The November issue of Harper's Bazaar will hit stands October 22nd.
October 28, 2013 posted by ilovemadonna41
more beautiful each second
Madonna is so beautiful. inside & out. This cover is amazing. Madonna & Anna Nicole Smith are my top role models. Will always love them both. love ya madonna
October 09, 2013 posted by LaIslaMaria
Strike a pose
my Madonna "on the cover of a magazine" collection just got bigger !!! G O R G E O U S P O S E !!!!
October 08, 2013 posted by sergiomenconi
Me encanta todo lo que haces.
October 07, 2013 posted by Mizik
Daring indeed
Admiration sure is a great sport. It gives that little extra spice that makes routine almost bearable, it gives something to look up to when people and places around seem a little too dull, it gives a substitute of a cause to fight for and analysts surely would say that it comes handy as a superficial compensation to the flaws of our egos. In this little game, it is all too easy to forget that the object of admiration is also made of flesh and bones.. As a child, I listened to your voice to make up for all the tenderness I didn't receive, as a teenager your world was a refuge to the coldness of the world and in my life of adult (-ish) you have been the inspiration that kept me wanting to enrich my inner world. Today, you dare put yourself to the terrible exercise of truth. That one is probably the toughest there is, and you won it in a big way. Never had few lines made me feel so moved. And what surprised me the most, it is not because of those 7 letter I had read much too often in my life, but because i was reading a human being revealing some of the most intimate sides of his soul. I was moved by your humanity, i was moved by HUMANITY. And suddenly i felt myself freed from a weight that was chocking my heart for too many years. Yes we're all connected and that connection is worth any fights, any risks. Please keep up your amazing quest. We will be one for we all are. thank you for us all.
October 07, 2013 posted by VicB
October 04, 2013 posted by Antara
Harper's Bazaar
Madonna is so super stunning in beauty on this cover...She's the best..
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