Madonna In London Tomorrow

January 10, 2012
Madonna will be in London on Wednesday to record her appearance on the Graham Norton Show, which is to air on the BBC One channel this coming Friday at 10:35pm GMT.

Later in the day, our girl will attend the gala premiere of her "W.E." movie at the Odeon Cinema Kensington.

Get ready for your own Madonna day UK fans!

January 11, 2012 posted by AKLB
Madonna -Friday x
Can't wait for interview on Friday :-) MADONNA is amazing! Wish she was singing tho' Also have never seen her on tour - Def will on next tour. Soooooo exciting!!
January 11, 2012 posted by
Lady Madonna
Thanks for being you and always surprising us in whatever you do. I truly look forward to seeing your latest film. I wished some people could stop the clock and contemplate the passion, intrigue and joy you bring into this world. How many contemporain artists can actually claim your achievements? We can love you or leave you...but you never gonna, no we know! Thanks God for that. XXX
January 11, 2012 posted by fabricio
Madonna In London
Madonna In London I Love!!!
January 11, 2012 posted by andycandyshop
LUVIN this title!!!! LUVIN #M.D.N.A
January 11, 2012 posted by Cardono
The talent is rewarded and Madonna has both
January 11, 2012 posted by lesserpumo
madonna in london to day
it's very exciting, the madonna appearance in london, to promote your movie, I hope not to miss the arrival of Madonna...I hope she can talk about the new single. GOD JOM MADONNA
January 10, 2012 posted by NUKARI
Madonna rules the world !!
Let´s make it..
January 10, 2012 posted by juanmberra
When are you going to tell us something about the new single?
January 10, 2012 posted by nonodee
Madonna in London Tomorow
I would love to go to the premier of WE . Also would love to go to the Graham Norton Show tomorow iam a big fan and the opportunity of having the chance to meet or see Madonna would be a dream come true , I love music and play the guitar and would love to jam with her one day .Cmon plz ... make my day : )) xx
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