Madonna Launches The ‘Raising Malawi Academy For Girls’

October 28, 2009
Madonna arrived in Malawi with her family last week-end and attended a very special event the next day.

A ceremony was held in the town of Chinkhota on Monday to mark the start of construction of her foundation’s school for girls, which will be called the Raising Malawi Academy for Girls. The school will open its doors in 2011 and will educate 500 students.

"In all my travels, investigations and conversations the most recurring thing is how amazing Malawian women are, both young and old, how industrious they are and how much they deserve to be educated," Madonna said.

During the ceremony, Madonna planted a tree at the planned site of the school, marking the begining of a project very close to her heart: "If this school is a success - with God-willing it will be - we will replicate it not only in Malawi but in other parts of the world as well".

Madonna met Malawi’s President Bingu wa Mutharika on Tuesday and is to visit orphanages supported by the Raising Malawi foundation during her stay in the country.

For more info about Raising Malawi or to start getting involved, please visit
November 09, 2009 posted by Rhino80
Madonna you are truely inspirational.. not only as an entertainer, but as a compassionate, human being.. i love you
October 30, 2009 posted by monicaaslz
i want to help
I love the idea of Raising Malawi Academy For Girls. I would love to help! I have a Bachelor of Science in Architecture form the university of Texas in San Antonio. I was fortunate to be involved in a similar program in Norogachi, Mexico. There we built a school-dormitory for the children who live around the valley. The children have to migrate for hours just to attend school. The concept for the school was sustainable and vernacular! I would love to help Madonna in any way I can. Even building!
October 29, 2009 posted by Kel
I saw a picture of Madonna yesterday with a spade in her hand and a great big smile on her face, what other inspiration could we ask for do all some good on this earth.
October 29, 2009 posted by mandyman
The ‘Raising Malawi Academy For Girls
Madonna,I hope your Malawi school is a succes and it will be because it's your project and as always whatever you do,it comes from your beautifull heart and spirit.God bless you,your family and your workers!
October 28, 2009 posted by LaIslaMaria
i bet she has been looking forward to this day for a long time !! congrats Madonna !
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