Madonna On Prop 8 Being Dismissed In California

June 26, 2013
What a way to start my day!!
I'm wearing a smile from ear to ear.
There is a G-D!
Justice is served.
Hallelujah !!
August 01, 2013 posted by stevenmcclain87
I have watched and listened to your music from day one, (early 80's) and am sure that if you ran our country as well as you manage your crew, our lives would be so much better. MADONNA FOR OUR NEXT PRESIDENT!!!
July 31, 2013 posted by
rsmopartoys (Roy)
I'm a 45 year young happily married man. I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for all your hard work. I've enjoyed your work since your debut years ago. Every song has represented a moment in my life. You are a true artist . I never tire of your songs . Thank You
July 14, 2013 posted by alexmadonnaa
THANK YOU million times for supporting everything that needs to be supported!!! You are trully legend,Icon,Queen of our Hearts,not just music,you really have the biggest heart even those who need help are 6000 miles apart,True Love,One Love,REVOLUTION OF LOVE,KNOWLEDGE,TOLERANCE,AND lots of faith,in YOU,in GOD!!!!THANK YOU ANGEL,THAT'S WHAT YOU ARE,AN ANGEL ON THIS EARTH!!!!!!I LOVE YOU,WE ALL LOVE YOU AND SUPPORT YOU AND YOUR PROJECT,AND EVERYTHING YOU DO!!!!YOU ARE THE B E S T XOXOXOXO love Alexa xx
July 13, 2013 posted by geo322
in Miami we do not have that what a shame for our politicians but one day our day will come for good where everyone will be treated equally in this country
July 12, 2013 posted by butch1977
Luv Love!
WOOHOO! Luv U madonna, it was just yesterday at dodger stadium, u were talking about all this marriage jazz! U are the bomb!!! luv u
July 11, 2013 posted by missdeaton
To Eachess Own,I Just Luv Her
July 09, 2013 posted by
from duncanboy1
Malawi loves you
July 07, 2013 posted by danaguy71
Prop 8
Thanks Madonna for always supporting us!!
July 02, 2013 posted by gonzaloserreth11
madonna is the best
fuck yeahh ¡¡¡¡¡
June 29, 2013 posted by VicB
June 28, 2013 posted by LaIslaMaria
marriage resumes immediately
if all goes as planned i will be marrying my partner of 15 years on August 16th 2013-----Your Birthday !!!! xoxoxoxo
June 27, 2013 posted by buddyluv
It's a Celebration!
Madonna – You have always been a pioneer in the fight for gay rights within the community. Thank you for your support over the years. We’re all proud to have an advocate like you in our corner and we’re happy you’re celebrating in this victory with us! -John K., Pittsburgh, PA
June 26, 2013 posted by ayu
Great News About It"!! We are all the same, LUV 4 U
June 26, 2013 posted by lbcristiano3
Justice is Served
Holiday! Causin a commotion! You started a revolution! Of Love & Light Thank you Amen
June 26, 2013 posted by LaIslaMaria
Thank you Madonna
we have you ruling this throne called earth, making changes, raising awareness, speaking out for equality for all men & women & the children-your MY SuperstaR !!!!!!
June 26, 2013 posted by itoddm
Thank you
Thank you for your support over the years. We love you for it. You supported us even when it wasn't cool.
June 26, 2013 posted by Antara
Prop 8 in California
Whatever this is, I'm unaware....But since it favors Madonna, and I read she is happy, then I'm happy for her too....Madonna deserves success
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