Madonna ‘Takes A Bow’ As Final Show Of Record-Smashing ‘Sticky & Sweet’ Tour Ends In Israel

September 02, 2009
LOS ANGELES – September 2, 2009 – Madonna’s “Sticky & Sweet” Tour made history as it wrapped up last night with two final shows in Tel Aviv, Israel at Yehoshua Gardens (HaYarkon Park, September 1 and 2). The Material Girl more than lives up to her name, as her tour becomes the most successful tour ever by a solo artist. After playing 85 shows since its launch in August 2008, Madonna’s “Sticky & Sweet” has drawn more than 3.5 million fans in 32 countries and has grossed $408 million, it was announced today by Live Nation, the tour’s global producer. “Sticky & Sweet” is also the second highest grossing tour of all time.

Madonna set an attendance record for the biggest crowds in history in Zurich, Switzerland, where she drew the largest audience ever assembled for a show in that country (72,000). Her Gothenburg, Sweden show, seen by 119,000 fans, broke the record for highest grossing multiple shows in the country’s history. In Helsinki, Finland, “Sticky & Sweet” sold more than 85,000 tickets, making it the biggest single show by an artist in history for all of Scandinavia. Other highlights on the tour included stops in Buenos Aires, Argentina (256,000), Santiago, Chile (146,000), Sao Paulo, Brazil (203,000), Tallinn, Estonia (72,000), Warsaw, Poland (79,000), Bucharest, Romania (69,000), and Sofia, Bulgaria (54,000).

“With ‘Sticky & Sweet’ Madonna has proven yet again that there is virtually no limit to what she can accomplish both creatively and commercially,” said Arthur Fogel, Live Nation’s Chairman of Global Music and CEO of Global Touring.

“Sticky & Sweet” broke Madonna’s previous record of most successful tour by a solo artist with her 2006 Confessions Tour, which grossed $194 million.

Madonna’s upcoming CD, “CELEBRATION” – the definitive Madonna collection – is scheduled to be released at the end of September.

Photo: Frank Micelotta
October 03, 2009 posted by Krasi
The best
The concert in Sofia was also great! I still live with the emotion! I hope that Madonna won't forget Bulgaria and her bulgarian fans! She is a great singer and dancer, a great woman!!!
September 23, 2009 posted by
You're a gift of God
I can not explain all I've felt in your concert, in Buenos Aires. When you sang "Borderline", I was crying and you looked at me and when you down of the stage in "Give it 2 me", I couldn't sing, you're the best thing in this world, you're more than a person, you're like a God to me, you're my religion and thank you for giving me more everyday to CELEBRATE this life and really SAVE THE WORLD. Because all we need is love and you help me to love (L) MY HEART WILL ALWAYS BE YOURS! THANKS FOR SAVE MY LIFE!
September 10, 2009 posted by aaa
sticky & sweet
she is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was the best tour ever!!! i'm from israel and i was at the last show and it was so amazing!! i can't stop talking about this show... she's THE QWEEN!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!! i'll never forget it...
September 09, 2009 posted by RamShnabel
Hi everybody i was in the two lasts concerts of "sticky & sweet" tour. The ones who weren't there won't be able to imagin how excited it has been for us to be present at this very concert!!!!! MADONNA- you r the queen!!! waiting for your'e next tour :)))
September 09, 2009 posted by zsozsom
God Bless The Quenn!!!
Thank you so much for this tour!I saw you last year in Vienna,but that day(09.23.2008) was as far the best day in my whole life!!! LOVE!
September 08, 2009 posted by andrej25
if seen the show and i love it!!
madonna is the best!! can wait for the dvd!!
and please give us the dvd from the re invention tour!!
olso the show i love

madonna you rock my world!
love ya!
September 07, 2009 posted by lsdmlvc
From Athens, Greece
27 September 2008, Olympic Stadium (OAKA), Athens (Greece): 76,000 people for one show; the biggest show by an artist in history for Greece! Se efharistoume Madonna! (Thank you!)
September 06, 2009 posted by williewanker
So sad the tour Is over!!
I'm so happy that I saw this show in different countries. But Now I'm sad that is over. This tour gave so much joy and happiness. Specially the wonderful people I've meet on the road. Can't wait for the next one.
September 06, 2009 posted by lespattes
Thank You!
Thank You Madonna for this incredible concert and for the unforgettable experience in Belgium! I love you!!!!!!!!!! Sebastiano
September 06, 2009 posted by Moustaka
you are an inspiration anyway! It was a great experience to be in the show in Athens, IT WAS THE BEST SHOW WE EVER HAD IN GREECE! LOVE U - COME AGAIN!
September 06, 2009 posted by ikoncanmaddy
steaky & sweet is perfect tour
ı love madonna.she is a pop icon.ı m going to sofia (bulgaria ) from istanbul.(turkey) 29.08.2009 concert.
September 04, 2009 posted by patthrush
The best
Madonna simply one of the finest people ever in the human race
September 04, 2009 posted by Kimi
wow wow and wow
Hey i've been there between the 69.000-70.000 people from bucharest . and i was near the stage . i was all the time in "high' because of her show . Thank you Iulian (ROMANIA)
September 04, 2009 posted by nfraizer
It's ben amazing! - I went to 3 concerts (London (Wembley), Copenhagen and Tel Aviv) and had a blast every single time!!! You are a true star. Can't wait to see you again! Preferably in Copenhagen and Tel Aviv ;o) - Shalom
September 04, 2009 posted by arianefr
Madge the only one - from Paris
Berlin, Paris (2 times), NY City, London, Paris Bercy, Barcelone : I could go all around the world to see the Queen ! She the best, the only one ! Thanks for giving us such crasy moments ans so much fun !!!! No one's gone stop you ! Keep give it to us !!!!
September 03, 2009 posted by Stanley
Madonna, Bulgaria loves you!!!
I am very happy that I had the opportunity to visit the concert. Great show, thank you! I look forward to the next tour. Madonna, I hope to visit Bulgaria again! Bulgarian fans they expect! Thousands of kisses to you Madonna! We love you! Stiliyan. Varna, Bulgaria
September 03, 2009 posted by renata
Congratulation !!!!!!
It' s great that every hard work pays out !!! I'm raely glad for this tour to becam a history ! and thanking Madonna the most for including Serbia into this great deal :))) much love from Belgrade :)))
September 03, 2009 posted by Gert
Thank you for the music ...
... and your incredible show ! I enjoyed it in Frankfurt 2008 and Munich 2009 "Front of stage" and i hope to see you soon - maybe with a "Greatest Hits - Celebration - Tour" or something completely different ?! I'm sure i'll like it ! Can't wait Gert
September 03, 2009 posted by gparhs
athens 2008
Don't forget Athens concert with a single show of 76000 people in Olympic Stadium. The biggest concert in Greece of all time. We love you M
September 03, 2009 posted by reti_maria
The best
Even now, after a month, I'm still like under a spell.. A spell that Madonna put on me with her wonderful brilliant show in Tallinn.... I can never thank you enough, it was the greatest experience I've ever had! I love you, Madonna, you are beautiful person, rock on forever !!
September 03, 2009 posted by repeta
I'm really happy and I'm absolutely proud to live one century with M. Thank you for incredible tour,for unforgettable days in each cities of your shows, for memories and for all your passion to life and music.
Hope see you soon. Love you. Take care.
September 03, 2009 posted by Pisl
The Queen
I have seen your show in Düsseldorf-08 and the most rainy show ever in Oslo-09. I loved it and can not wait for your next tour:) I love you, you are the queen of all times!!! Thank you!
September 03, 2009 posted by AnnetteG
Madonna, please tour again in the near future, including in Europe. I would like to see you in concert again.
September 03, 2009 posted by amirh
Sticky & Sweet -the beeesssttt
Hi! I have been on two concerts in Budva,Monte negro and Belgrade,Serbia-in golden circle 1,5 meter from cat walk.It was amazing.To see my icon again..I will remember every second of this best perfomance ever.Madonna and her dancers and musician, all crew was impresive. I realy hope to se her again on next tour and i hope that she get some nice memories from Balkan states. My dream is to see madonna in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Why not..:)) Great kiss and big hug for her from Amir and Darko-Tuzla,BiH
September 03, 2009 posted by Axl
Thank you Madonna!!!
Thank you for the S&S Tour!!! I went to the concerts of Paris, Madrid and Zaragoza and the concerts were great
September 03, 2009 posted by spica2711
Great! Long live the queen!
Oh my god I'm so proud of you, MADONNA!!!
September 03, 2009 posted by madonhermaj
Sticky And Sweet x2
Loved the tour. Was lucky to see you in 2008 and 2009 in London. Would be there every year!! Celebration is a fantastic track.
September 02, 2009 posted by Raluci
Thank You!
It was indeed a great show and i am very happy that i've been one of the 3,5 million fans to attend it. Thank you for all your work and for the opportunity to be part of this history. If you ever consider to put up another tour do not hesitate to come again to Romania. The real Romanian fans will appreciate this. Lots of kisses from Bucharest, Romania
September 02, 2009 posted by popqueen
The best tour
Madonna deserves getting the biggest selling solo artist tour ever. This is what hardwork and creativity can give back to you. I cant wait for the DVD release. I hope CELEBRATION becomes a big smash!!!
September 02, 2009 posted by bpesce
With only two shows, Madonna got a historic record in our country. Come back soon M (ìdola)!!
September 02, 2009 posted by LaIslaMaria
end of tour
holidav is happy he saw this tour !! congrats Madonna for an incredible 2-year tour breaking tons of records !!! oh i can't wait for the next tour !!!
September 02, 2009 posted by isaac
Sticky and Sweet - The Best Tour Ever!
I am so happy to say that I experienced 5 of her shows. 2 in Mexico City, 2 in London and 1 in Manchester. Each one very unique and special. I will always remember them with a lot of love and excitement. Thank you Madonna and team for the best experience of my life!
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