Madonna To Appear On “Ellen” Tomorrow

November 08, 2010
Madonna fans, make sure to watch The “Ellen Show” on Tuesday as our girl is to have a chat with Ellen about some important issues!

This will be Madonna’s first interview with Ellen De Generes since her 2006 post Grammy performance!

Please check your TV listings for local airtime.
February 09, 2011 posted by steveh9
It is so great that Madonna has spoken out on this issue on national tv.Madonna is an entertainer among many other great attributes and good she does.We can only hope that other people of influence,power etc,will speak up,and effect laws that will put an end to bullying.Thanks again Madonna.
January 24, 2011 posted by burcu
I love you Madonna
Constantly watching the concert The confessions tour and sticy& sweet tour Both great. sound performance not possible not to admire I hope you think to give concert in Turkey I'm waiting eagerly I hope that is not a very long time I love you so much We hope to see you soon I kiss you so much:))
January 04, 2011 posted by Madd
After seeing this episode, I shed a little tear. I know my Queen will never read this :) but if she does, thank you for being there in those dark, lonely hours of my life. I wish I had a friend like you through high-school :)
December 01, 2010 posted by Inspired25yr
Madonna,s view
Hi , I wish when i was a teenager i had someone like you to talk to, i am bi-sexual and was told to be ashamed of it, so like many i tried marriage , i have a lovely daughter ,3 grandchildren, how ever the marriage did not last even a year, i brought her up on my own only as i tried to and still do hide my sexuality as she hates me for it , i married again 7 yrs ago but their is such a big part of my life missing . My daughter rarley sees me or me the kids as mum is not 'NORMAL' what ever that is .I would love to find, have that part of me that is missing and how i wish someone would have listen to me when i was a teenager then maybe my life might not seem so empty and at times not worth fighting for. I thankyou Madonna from the bottom of my heart all throught the bad times you have pulled me through and continue to do so. I often ask myself why are people so nasty and hateful when there is so much more to be gain in this life which is very valuable and life is for living . One day i hope to find that strength if from noone else but the words and wisdom that comes from you by your words and music can not wait for your next album inspiredbyu25
November 28, 2010 posted by hardvogue
perfect interview madonna
I loved this perfect interview madonna ... it portrays what many already know most do not do anything to change ... I found it amazing how Madonna can talk about controversial issues and they are in our day to day and many do not have the courage to talk and do nothing .....
November 27, 2010 posted by anun0819
Abput wearing purple!!!!!!!!
I know that there's is talk about wearing purple at school! people are afraid of change and being different..that's what makes people so unique. people are so blinded by hatred for people that they think that is not normal because of how they are raised!!!!!!!!! I could go on and on about this but I'll let other people comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
November 25, 2010 posted by elsinen
i love madonna!!! she is amazing woman!!!!
November 22, 2010 posted by Levi_blue_eyes
Correct Thinking
I just saw the ellen bit and I have to say I was so glad to hear your comments about gossiping and the way it works. I have really been moving along a spiritual path and have a number of times been shown the simple nature of negative thoughts and limits towards others, that if one projects them towards others then they accept the same for themselves. I mentioned this in one of my classes a couple of days ago and everyone started bagging on it and even my professor said "well arent you noble" and I just felt sad that they were all so negative about it. Oh well, I just was thrilled to hear you say it too! Thankyou for coming to phoenix too! sincerely Levi
November 16, 2010 posted by sophie45
ellen tomorrow
oh, i won't see because in france we havn't got american tv.
November 13, 2010 posted by Inspired25yr
Ellen show
Fantastic interview Madonna just said it as it is and her comments are so true thankyou for showing your support and having the courage to speak out .Good for you I hope people take notice of what you said as we all need to accept and face the world as it is today and are children are our future .you have my deepest respect
November 12, 2010 posted by pascale78
Thank you Madonna
We could here that your words came from your heart and you touched ours. I'm about to leave everything to be an artist, and sometimes I feel completely appart from everyone else. So your words about beeing different particularly touched me and encouraged me to be the "true" me. We <3 you Madonna
November 12, 2010 posted by Tiger77
I missed it
Unfortunately I missed the Ellen show with Madonna. Does anybody know if there is perhaps a replay somewhere (TV/internet/?). Thanks in advance PS I live in Holland. Jurhav
November 11, 2010 posted by emanuela1icon
Saw it
And as usual M has something interesting to say and sensible. The internet and the media can be so distruptive to people's lives
November 10, 2010 posted by owsha
im excited
i cant wait for the episode :)
November 10, 2010 posted by FBPfalz1978
Great Message
Madonna was great in the Show and what she said was really great! Thats why I follow Madonna, she ios not only just a Popstar or what ever. She is also a wonderful person with a big heart for other people. We need more people like Madonna. Thank you Madonna! "It's OKAY to be different" ♥
November 09, 2010 posted by bhuvan
G'day, I just saw a snippet of M's talk in Ellen regards this ongoing issue of bullying which has lead to numerous young kids doing the unthinkable. For M to come up and speak out and encourage them to take charge and manage their lives is so soul warming. All through years my feeling towards M has evovled from fanatic obession to adoration to awe and now of sheer admiration and fondness and pure love for that spirit that she carries. much peace and power sweetcheeks. Bhuvan
November 09, 2010 posted by FBPfalz1978
I'm so happy
Madonna is BACK and we can see her on the Show. I cant wait to watch it and I'm very I'm curious what she say. I hope she will make a new album soon, but I think first come W.E. out and she will speak about this. Today is Madonna Time yeah
November 09, 2010 posted by madonna168
New tour announcement?????
Will she,or won't she!
November 08, 2010 posted by RinoTheBouncer
What channel would this be on ? I'm in Amman, Jordan.
November 08, 2010 posted by LaIslaMaria
November 08, 2010 posted by madonnaradio
I'm so excited to see Madonna and Ellen together again !
November 08, 2010 posted by funtimeffm
tour annoncement?
last time Madonna annouced her confessions tour :-)
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