Madonna to fans: I'm Crazy for You

June 28, 2004
From the Boston Herald By Sarah Rodman

Near the end of her show last night at the Worcester Centrum, Madonna dedicated the prom-night oldie, "Crazy For You," to all those people "who stuck by me for the last 20 years."
It was a sweet moment in what was a truly spectacular show. Yet, the entire joyously breathless affair had the feel of that dedication to the fans.
The hits-laden, 105-minute visual feast was like a mash note to everyone who's followed the twists and turns and avant garde detours on her trip from "boy toy" to Esther.
A stylish tip of the cap to the people who ponied up the ridiculously high price of 300 for last night's top ticket, to those who defended her notorious 'sex" book, went to see her movies and who have loved her in all her brash glory as well as her self-indulgent missteps.
It was firmly the former on display last night as Madonna kicked off her four-night stand with style and grace, giving good face and even better voice.
In fact, Mrs. Guy Ritchie, the first to admit that she's not the best singer, has never sounded more solid and self-assured even as she was in constant motion on moving catwalks, sliding conveyor belts and hoofing it alongside her cadre of precision dancers.
If she denied fans the hits last time out, "The Re-Invention Tour" is virtually nothing but, from the sleekly choreographed opener "Vogue" to a singalong of the enduringly cheeky "Material Girl" to the unbound closer "Holiday."
And in a neat trick that only Madonna could pull off, the 45-year-old singer gave the people what they wanted while reworking a few to suit her tastes.
That meant a little more electric guitar fire during "Burnin" Up," a more organic, acoustic take on the rapturous "Like a Prayer" and a burlesque reworking of "Deeper and Deeper."
An almost constant barrage of images accompanied the music and dancing on mammoth video screens on and surrounding the stage.
They ranged from photos of children in wartorn and poverty-stricken nations as she sang John Lennon's "Imagine" to Hebrew symbols during a rapturous "Like a Prayer."

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