Madonna’s 8th “Encounter” With Dave Letterman

October 01, 2009
If you were not behind your TV screen last night, then you’ve missed something.

A stunning Madonna attended David Letterman’s Late Show on CBS and the two of them had a great time laughing and having a pizza!

Below is a short clip of Madonna’s appearence on the show, just check it out:

September 25, 2010 posted by
December 03, 2009 posted by Geiger2004
hahah i like it so funny both
November 18, 2009 posted by poksanen
yea. Have you ever celebrated at St. Petersburg-Region.
November 09, 2009 posted by butch1977
I love when she had that short black hair and asked letterman if he was wearing a Rug!
November 03, 2009 posted by sisterhoney
I didn't see the show, but that clip was hilarious and beautiful as ever! Noted the cheese-less pizza... sorry Madonna but thats the best part!!
October 14, 2009 posted by Anselmi
<3 funny!!
October 11, 2009 posted by Jancarlo
i hadn't seen this interview. thank you, guys for sharing with us! that's true that in countries outside the USA it is not very easy to have access to shows played in America. I like that kind of sense of humor. J, from London.
October 09, 2009 posted by sunflower23
Love Her!
Madonna Rocks, she is such a doll. I always enjoy her funny side!
October 05, 2009 posted by lizzzzr
Letterman Show
As always very funny(haven't seen too much of that side of you lately), interview was too short!
October 04, 2009 posted by morelia
she´s amazing and very funny
as we allready know she´s the best ha?
October 03, 2009 posted by lyndaeso
I missed the first showing. thank you for playing a little bit here. great showing :) xo
October 03, 2009 posted by mariespav
Madonna Louise Veronica.....
Looks beautiful and we miss you in the UK now that you're back in NY. This is the only time i get to see you....(besides Manchester gig in July)..... love Marie x
October 03, 2009 posted by pepelu
you eating pizza
you are very beautiful eating pizza :)
October 03, 2009 posted by katmeow
Very cute
October 02, 2009 posted by mortenrene
Great entrance
Not excited and didn’t inhaled, I knew it – LOL! Thanks for sharing ;-)
October 02, 2009 posted by Th0m4s1992
Great interview! She is so different now that she's divorced. In a positive way that is !
October 02, 2009 posted by lumb1
top woman
i only saw a brief part of it but i thought Madonna did a great Interview with Letterman hope the pizza was okay thanks
October 01, 2009 posted by LaIslaMaria
david letterman show
YES i watched it !! very enjoyable-really the 1st time M has had ny pizza ?? she looked like an angel-when will she be on again ? LOVE - Holidav
October 01, 2009 posted by sigmundfreud
October 01, 2009 posted by Athony
Madonna you are So simply but to the same time Amazing!!!!! for this reason I gonna make a song for you and the title will be The golden Woman ( don't say Good bye); my artistic name is Anton....I love you...because you are a hard woman ... a good mother.... a good singer too... Ecuador love to Madonna
October 01, 2009 posted by casmar710
Very fynny
Thank you for sharing. In Italy, I cannot see this show.
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