Madonna's "W.E." Nominated For 2 Golden Globes

December 15, 2011
The Golden Globes nominations have just been announced and Madonna's "W.E." movie is nominated in 2 different categories:

Best Original Score: Abel Korzeniowski
Best Original Song: "Masterpiece" by Madonna

The Golden Globes ceremony will take place on January 15. Good luck to Madonna and her movie team!

January 13, 2012 posted by Amethyst220
Maddy I'll be praying that you WIN BOTH GLOBES!!,..You are VERY, VERY TALENTED WOMAN!!! GOOD LUCK MADDY!!:) P.S.I'll be crossing my fingers and toe fingers LOL..:)
January 07, 2012 posted by metepec
Masterpiece is great song.!!! is very good!!1
January 06, 2012 posted by rabbitbunny
Congratulations and bang-up job, Lady Madonna! You are Loved and You Are Your Own Masterpiece! Keep Taking a Bow and Living to Tell! Keep Shining, my Ray of Light!
January 04, 2012 posted by bond007
Madonna, t'estimo.
Lot of kisses from Catalonia. All Golden Globes for you!! Somebody doubt?
January 01, 2012 posted by originaltom
madonna forever!
Congratulations from Germany!
December 20, 2011 posted by madonnastreep
The winner takes it all :)
You've deserve it. Love ya, i hope that u are gonna win..See ya :D
December 18, 2011 posted by crystalcamille333
I Am Soooo Happy For You !!!
Madonna... sweet one.... I am soooo Happy the film is nominated... I can't wait to see it here in Dallas...!!! I wish I could watch it with you... you sexy diva lady.... !!! I am sooo crazy for you !!!! Love you always, Crystal Camille XXX XOXOXO
December 18, 2011 posted by cnason76
Will go to see it!
Madonna's new movie W.E. looks really good. It really does and I hope people keep an open mind.
December 18, 2011 posted by alexmadonnaa
Madonna w.e.
I'm just gonna say BRAVO MADONNA u always do the right thing,i am happy for you <3<3<3<3
December 18, 2011 posted by NUKARI
Madonna ! I am so happy !!!!
December 17, 2011 posted by kevindass
Big Congrats to Madonna and all involved in the production of W.E.!! It really is a wonderful little piece of work!! Thanks so much for all the hard work put into the project, and all the best!!
December 17, 2011 posted by deanm
December 16, 2011 posted by Jorky1000
You did it Madonna!!! So, at least you're nominated in two categories, that's an achievemente.. and well-deserved ;) All the best for you My Queen! And remember... PARAGUAY LOVES YOU!! L-U-V Jorky Benítez :)
December 16, 2011 posted by frankieciccone
You so deserve it.
I'm so glad your Nominated. Your so darn talented. Congrat's.
December 16, 2011 posted by lesserpumo
congratulations madonna you are a masterpiece!!!!
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