MDNA Preview - Beautiful Killer

March 16, 2012
Preview a new track from the MDNA album, "Beautiful Killer"! Just click below.

Preview "Beautiful Killer"

March 19, 2012 posted by mandyman
This song is a beautiful killer
Madonna is the best singer in the world! She has really strong and attractive voice and I appreciate with my family as a finns that she pronounces words very clearly and that's exceptional talent.
March 17, 2012 posted by confessions3
Beautiful Killer
I love this song. It should be released as a single.
March 17, 2012 posted by iqueinpray
Another great song
Beautiful and killer
March 16, 2012 posted by LaIslaMaria
new preview is excellent-i love all of M's vocals on MDNA-sounds good-MUST have MDNA !!
March 16, 2012 posted by Anyaina
My Queen
First of all, thank you very much for a lifetime of legacy, love, music, inspiration and success! The first time I heard you... I was walking on the streets of Lima Peru, (just arrived) 'coz I'm Mexican. "Lucky Star" was on the radio of someone who was washing a car! I thought by myself, (mmm! I like it! "Who's that girl"?) It was the summer of 1983. Please, don't forget PERU. We wait for you since... a long time! Love, regards, and blessings. Congrats for the new release, and thank you. I'm also an artist and YOU are my ICON inspiration for that, and so many things! Love ya, Angela Rivera
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