MDNA Preview - Falling Free

March 14, 2012
Preview a new track from the MDNA album, "Falling Free"! Just click below.

Preview "Falling Free"

March 15, 2012 posted by mandyman
Beautiful ballad ,luv it!
Her voice is so strong and the song sounds so good that I think MDNA will be totally wish fulfillment.This is the album of the year! Madonna thanks for sharing these amazing songs with us ,you are the best superstar ever!
March 14, 2012 posted by LaIslaMaria
new ballad is beautiful & deep
i was looking forward to another ballad from MADONNA and Falling Free is easily my new favorite ! i can wait to hear the whole song=10 more days until MDNA release !!
March 14, 2012 posted by bratprincebrad
Thank You William Orbit
This is what I have been waiting for!
March 14, 2012 posted by Kristo4Ishtar
Greetz from Antwerp
Nice song, Cleo, well done!
March 14, 2012 posted by 94jump
This song is a masterpiece!!! And M's voice is amazing!! I'm in love... *bows down to the Queen and this song"
March 14, 2012 posted by ferbonis
lovely !!!
March 14, 2012 posted by symeon
all my love
madonna i love make my life happy...i wish one day i could give you a sweet strange...feeling so many things...thank you for being in my life...
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