MDNA Tour - Start Of North America

August 28, 2012
With the completion of the European leg of the MDNA Tour and the US opening this evening in Philadelphia, I have been reflecting on things from my vantage point as Madonna's manager. This has been a magical and incredible journey thus far.
One of the great highlights has been the chance to spend more time with Madonna's fans every night.
Many of you have come to show after show, again and again. Many of you have flown across the world to see the show.
I have met thousands of you personally and even photographed thousands more.
Your support and dedication is greatly appreciated.
I've truly enjoyed listening to your thoughts each night. I've agreed with many of you and even argued with some. I loved all of it. You've shared with me your positive opinions and even in a few cases some criticism. Both are coming from the same place: your LOVE for Madonna - Thank you for sharing!
In just a few hours MDNA tour begins a new chapter in Philadelphia with the start of our sold out U.S. and Canadian dates.
I look forward to meeting more of you there, taking your photos and hearing what you have to say.

Enjoy the show!
Best -Guy Oseary,
October 03, 2012 posted by rabbitbunny
Last Monday night's MDNA Performance at Phone Booth/Wizard Verizon Center-9/24-was Magnificent! Madonna was in brilliant form-I could her the sadness in her voice! I cried throughout the whole concert. Highlights-Girl Gone Wild, Turn Up the Radio, Open Your Heart, Masterpiece, Vogue, Nobody Knows Me, Like a Virgin, Love Spent, Like a Prayer and Celebration. 5/5-Five Stars. Madonna Forever!
September 11, 2012 posted by rabbitbunny
Turn Up the Radio-Yes!
Thank You Mr. Oseary for your kind thoughts regarding Madonna-the Immortal One=She is Brilliant because her songs are beautiful, tuneful and melodic and her personality is just like that music-primal and visceral, it's about coming into life and brilliance! Hop On!-Madonna Forever a Queen!
September 03, 2012 posted by Robski219
A New Era
I've been a devout fan of Madonna's since the beginning of her career. This will be my 7th tour, having only missed The Virgin Tour and The Girlie Show. I never thought that growing up in the 80's I would find myself here some 30 years later with Madonna still having a major impact into how I see the world. Not just by her art but, by the way she lives her life. She is an exceptional author, director, actress, humanitarian, Mother and ICON! Thank you so much for continuing to promote freedom of self expression. See ya in Chicago on the 19th ;)
August 31, 2012 posted by
quebec city
my queen so happy i won tickets for gold triangle .....saw u first in MTL july 1987 i love ya hope u ll shake ppl hands n mine of course !!!!!!have a blast in quebec city !!!!!!! will be in the triangle
August 31, 2012 posted by forlik
A Nice Guy
I can not wait for the NEW YORK Shows. Only six more days as of me writing this. Yeah!! I will be attending all of them the two in Sept plus the one in Nov. Hope to meet you at show(s) and hope that I am lucky enough to be placed into The Golden Triangle by you! Want to Dance And Sing Get Up And Do My Thing With the rest of my extended Madonna Family!! Madonna has been an inspiration to me since 1982 and I can not imagine a world without this Brilliant,Talented and Amazing Woman!!! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN OF POP!!!
August 30, 2012 posted by Music4Lana
What a guy
You know, I really appreciate your words and thank you for sharing. I have seen you work, before and during the shows...and I admire your drive. Thank you for supporting Madonna...caring about her fans, and supporting her art. I hope I get to meet you in New York....are you ready?
August 30, 2012 posted by franknaves
Controversy surrounding the show
I am really looking forward to seeing Madonna in ATL. I hope that the controversy surrounding the show (the guns, etc) doesn't cause her to cancel... I think to let the actions of one man cause people to try to get her to change her show is really unjust. She has the right to speak her mind and this is one fantastic way she does it. This will be my first Madonna concert in my life. I have followed her since the age of 6 or 7 idolizing and looking up to her, even as a male as a huge role model because if there is one thing she has taught me is to not be afraid to be yourself and be happy.
August 30, 2012 posted by kevindass
All the best...
Congrats on the start of the North American leg of the 2012 MDNA Tour!! All the best to all involved, and thank you from all of us!!!!!
August 29, 2012 posted by LaIslaMaria
Sweet Letter
so nice to read this personal letter from Madonna's manager and hope to see you too on the U.S.A. Tour p.s. you are doing an incredible job !!!
August 29, 2012 posted by herb82
It was Nice Meeting You
Guy, it was a pleasure meeting you in Golden Triangle last evening in Philadelphia. Despite the delay of Madonna performing, overall the show was AMAZING. We had a wonderful time and it will be an experiance we will treasure FOREVER, especially when I got to sing "Like a Prayer" with her. Our Love to Madonna. Thanks Again Herb & Lyle
August 29, 2012 posted by RosMu
pit pit pit!!!!
of course we are more than excited to the american leg of MDNA tour! i'd love to meet you, so, i want Pit tickets! yeiiii i will attend the show at Mexico city!
August 29, 2012 posted by flapperdeluna
Hi Guy, I'm one of these thousand people who know you in Europe. We knew us in Barcelona for the 2nd time and in Niza (France) for the 3rd time. You were too much busy, so I respect all of you and I didn't say to you Hello even I would! Now, I'm a woman, 39 years old, and I want to say to you only one thing: MDNA is the best show ever, not only for as fantastic as it's, but for the energy, good energy all of you release together and this give me millions of emotions every day. I AM VERY PROUD TO FEEL THIS WAY, because feelings, sometimes, "are indestructible" Thank you so much and, please, take care of her...❤❤❤!!
August 29, 2012 posted by miamimadonna
Thank you Guy!
Dear Guy, Thank you for your comments about us (the fans) talking with before each show in Europe. I was at the Golden Triangle in Barcelona on June 21st, I saw you there taking pictures and talking with fans but I didn't say anything to you (I don't know why), I was kind of shy... I really liked your letter thanking all the fans who spoke with you. Next time I'll greet you! Say hi to Madonna and have a lot of success in the American leg of this fantastic tour!!! I love you both!!! From Madonna's #1 fan in Barcelona!
August 28, 2012 posted by misbips
Can't wait for Seattle! I am bringing my parents and brother! My dad has said he's always like to see her in concert, so when she came so close to our home this time, had to get tickets. Hotel rooms reserved and vacation time approved. We are READY!
August 28, 2012 posted by fking
Thank you!
Hello, I want to thank you for the September 12th concert in Toronto this year. This will be my third Madonna concert (Re-Invention, Sticky and Sweet)and I've enjoyed each one. Madonna's music has meant so much to me over the years. Beyond commerical interests, there is something said that is important and profound in her music. March 27th, 1989, Madonna's music helped me save my life. I was 13, gay, catholic, convinced I was possessed by a demon and ready to kill myself. In 1988 I heard that Madonna was working on a new album - an album that was released as Like A Prayer. Before this I was a typical pop music fan but this album expressed a pain and vulnerability that I had never heard in music before. I realised (naive teen that I was) that everyone experiences terrible pain. Madonna seemed magically strong before that album. Like a Prayer showed me that the strongest people experience pain, loss, and alienation. I realised that I could pick myself up and surive the horror that was being gay in the late 80s was when it seemed every gay man was dying of AIDS and that no one cared. I survived to see her hold the hands of men like Keith Haring, and her own mentor Christopher Flynn when they were dying of AIDS. People were terrified they would catch that disease from toilets and kissing and there was Madonna holding these men that she loved when they needed her. That was what friendship could look like. Madonna talked about how Flynn saved her by teaching her how to see the beauty inside herself. Madonna's music helped me find the beauty inside me. Madonna was also the first adult I ever heard say nice things about gay people. That seems trivial in the western world today, but it meant the world to me when I came out of the closet at 18. I knew that no matter what people's reactions were,I would find someone to love. And I have - I've married to a wonderful man that I met 16 years ago. He puts me before himself and makes me a better man through support and loyalty.Our work has made that realtionship endure but Madonna's music taught me that someone could love me.It just takes hard work. It's important to me to say that Madonna taught me. She didn't save me. I saved myself. That is the most important thing her work says: self-empowerment. Gay teens don't need a saviour or a prophet, they need role models to show them what survival looks like. For me, that was Madonna. As I matured,Madonna's music has matured. No longer the pop star of the 80s (though always a Queen to me), Madonna is an artist. A performance artist who blends music, poetry, visual imagery, dance, and acting in a way that no one has been able to compare. Madonna's art is multisensory and when read with all of one's senses, incredibly profound. While younger teenaged artists have taken over the top 40, who cares! Madonna's music continues to astound me. Every album is something new and MDNA is as important to me at this stage of my life as Like a Prayer was to me in 1989. A lot of negative things seem to float around Madonna lately. This upsets me. It reminds me of the backlash of 1992-94 when Madonna challenged mass culture to see the hypocrisy of our limited views on sexuality. The hate was palpable. I feel that again and that worries me. I'm not worried about Madonna - she is a provocative artist and expects diverse reactions. She is strong and will weather this storm, the latest in a long line of storms. I worry about a world that fails to see the depth of her artistic expression, her irony, and the complexity of the juxtaspositions that she explores. I don't worry about markets, sales, or fanbase. I worry, that intelligent art is no longer popular. That mindlessness reigns supreme at a time when we all need to be more politically and socially vigilant. The reality is that there are many far worse off and Madonna knows this. She knows the privilege she is honoured to live every day of her life. I hold great respect for this ability to endure and thrive under the most difficult of circumstances. I am an adult student currently working on my PhD and every day I see people younger than me doing so well and it seems I have to work harder than everyone else in order to survive and thrive in my chosen profession. I can do this. I can thrive under difficult circumstances because I know I am not the only one who has had to do this. I know that I've endured far worse in my past and survived. This too shall pass. I am a success. Madonna is a success. We are all beautiful lights that will make the world brighter and better. Thank you Madonna for modelling survival for me. At 36, I realise that life is all about learning. We never "grow up". Instead, we face ever-increasing challenges. Thank you for showing me how one can survive. Your music, your voice, your performance art, your films (W.E. DVD is on the top of my to-watch pile!), your life's work means the world to me and to so many other people. Please don't ever stop. Those negative mutherfuckers know nothing about survival. Thankyou, Fred
August 28, 2012 posted by Daigle1
More Madonna on BLU!
We love Madonna but not enough classic concerts on BLU even Confessions would be awesome on blu We Love LIVE MADONNA shows! Get on it GUY :-)
August 28, 2012 posted by cedritos
GUY, I'm just one of the many Colombian fans who are more than pleased and delighted to have MADONNA over here for two dates. I'm going to both because I think that such an event must be seen as many times as possible. You have made - along with MADONNA and everybody in the team - this journey possible for all of us to experience. I cannot thank you enough and I know that I speak on behalf of those here in my country. WONDERFUL SHOW! I CAN'T HARDLY WAIT!!!!!!!!!
August 28, 2012 posted by ashleyb
I will be at her concert in boston with two of my friends sooo excited!! Its my first time at her concert and i'm sure it will be the most amazing thing I will ever see!! Always been a true fan. Hoping to get to meet her someday she is a big inspiration to me. One more week cant wait :)
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