New Twitter Live Chat on April 4th

March 30, 2012
To celebrate MDNA's global first week success, Madonna will return to Twitter April 4 at 10pm ET via @MadonnaMDNAday to thank her fans.

Use #askmadonna in your tweet. Watch

April 04, 2012 posted by britta76
We love you Madonna! We will see you in Berlin and Amsterdam FRONT OF STAGE:-))) Have a look for the two crazy girls and if you need a doctor call Britta aus Grafenwald in the micro;-)) (I swear I am really a doctor!!) Perhaps we can make a After show party in Berlin. There are many good bars and clubs:-)) Please give us a retweet!!
April 03, 2012 posted by VivianSartori
Make a twitter, please!
And stay with us forever!
April 01, 2012 posted by LaIslaMaria
more chit chat
i loved this the first time - so this 2nd time should be a blast-thank you !
March 31, 2012 posted by materialgirl7
Please join Twitter permanently you will
Congrats on you're new Album MDNA Love it !! and can't wait for the tour !! It's great seeing you connecting with your fans <3 @materialgirl7
March 31, 2012 posted by lesserpumo
the queen in twitter
thanks madonna for coming back!!!!
March 31, 2012 posted by deanm
Thank you for coming back
March 30, 2012 posted by rickgonewild
I wish she'd follow me! :-( But I'll be there my Queen!
March 30, 2012 posted by 94jump
Can't wait!! Maybe this time I'll get a reply! But I'll have to wake up again at 4am as I'm in Italy! ;)
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