‘Ray Of Light’ Performance Now On Yahoo

March 25, 2010
Madonna's ‘Sticky & Sweet’ Tour will be released on CD/DVD and Blu Ray worldwide over the next 2 weeks.

In the meantime, make sure to visit Yahoo now and watch the ‘Ray of Light’ performance, which is taken straight from the DVD!
April 09, 2010 posted by michelsuccess
I got it!!!
Well I have the tour DVD which I bouhgt exactly on the release date!!! I´m so glad I got it!
March 30, 2010 posted by gaylover
La Reine toujours au top
Un concert parfait... Digne de la Madonne... Très beau dvd/cd... Vite la prochaine tournée...
March 30, 2010 posted by ivynha
hello madonna
madonna beautiful and enlightened person when it comes to Brazil again ........ kisses ivandra
March 29, 2010 posted by MarceloMMS
I've already got mine
today is my birthday and guess what i got from a friend? yeah! i'm already got my CD on my auto :) awesome!
March 28, 2010 posted by mrsmessy
hey gorgeous
havin to use internet cafe..lol....so havent seen it yet.but i got your cds....hubby did get jealous of me playin ray of light all the time..lol....and you inspired me to use ear phones and walkman....lol....i got to lookin hot...and started to ride horses after that...express yourself...there is no life without Maddona
March 28, 2010 posted by natymaty
sticky sweet dvd
je viens de regarder le dvd je n aie q un mot GEANT
March 27, 2010 posted by LaIslaMaria
"Ray Of Light" performance
thank you-I saw this performance at dodger stadium and it was excellent too !
March 26, 2010 posted by alexstone
Love it love it love it :D Can't wait for the dvd and cd...oh, and the blu-ray, yay!!! ;) ;)
March 26, 2010 posted by hdonnet
Thanks you Madonna
EXCELLENT obviously because I am part of the public Can you hear me sing?!!! Gabriela from Argentina
March 25, 2010 posted by angel080167
Sticky sweet
Love the Ray of Light performance. can not wait till April 6 to get the Blu-ray.
March 25, 2010 posted by amelussa
the best!
I always remember when I saw it here in Chile!! the best day in my life!!!! love you M!
March 25, 2010 posted by velvetporcelainboy
♥ Madonna ♥
Love it! =]
March 25, 2010 posted by vicenteguerrero
Great previous!
As many people are coincide with me, it was a very exciting moment during show! Thanks.
March 25, 2010 posted by roy_boy
fantastic! i can't wait for the DVD!
March 25, 2010 posted by picholinchoo
Madonna please come to Chile again :D We love U! All South America Loves U :D Picho.
March 25, 2010 posted by claudiagaina
wow! y was at the concert to bucharet ist great!
March 25, 2010 posted by natymaty
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