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June 21, 2006
Madonna's longtime friend Rosie Odonnell was on hand for opening night in Los Angeles at the Forum. Rosie asked for special permission to photograph Madonna, instead of sitting in the stands and watching the show. Of course, Madonna was thrilled! Debuting for the first time, is a picture that Rosie took of Madonna on opening night. Below is the blog that Rosie wrote about opening night on

I went with mike to see truth or dare first showing at universal in the valley after he said to me
"I bet u two would be friends if you met, shes a rock star Mike I am a comic there is no way i would ever meet her." A week later penny introduced us and we were to play best friends imagine. Tonight mo opens in los angeles i will watch amazed as she does what so few can communicator she all yellow gonna shoot it for her and for me proof i need proof brilliance captured a moment 4 ever still always she makes magic mo mo i will post a photo when i get home om shanti by Rosie
-MADemoiselle (Special Edition) 

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