Special Statement From Madonna

December 16, 2010
"Its official! I need to move. I need to sweat. I need to make new music! Music I can dance to. I'm on the look out for the maddest, sickest, most bad ass people to collaborate with. I'm just saying......" - Madonna

April 11, 2011 posted by Daryna26
Darina Budat
March 24, 2011 posted by rabbitbunny
New album-another masterpiece
Re: Next Record-It will be a mixture of joy and sadness-happiness and sorrow. Madonna-Your beautiful voice has no line on the horizon because you are happy and sad. Keep Dancing, Singing, Crying and Above all-Rocking. At your best you are LIFE AND LOVE! I will see you again on tour because you give me and the rest of your audience an experience like no Other. Madonna, just like your Evita role you'll always be "The Lady of them all! Rock On Lady Madge! I LOVE YOU!-PEACE!-Rabbitbunny from outside of Baltimore!
March 03, 2011 posted by llewis
We Love You !!
Love you Madonna, We Are All Waiting for you THE QUEEN OF POP & DANCE to do it AGAIN !!!!
February 28, 2011 posted by marian009
Come on Madonna! Release the new album!!! And when you go on a tour, come to Puerto Rico!!
February 26, 2011 posted by vernon
Hard Candy gym
I think a location that might be nice would be the vancouver, british columbia area. Its close to the border, easy access from the airport, and the transit line goes almost everywhere in the lower mainland. Just an idea. Keep on rockin Madge
February 22, 2011 posted by
let's do it together
take me with you and you get the best images of your next tour. give me a sign. .....Celebrate Collabration....
February 14, 2011 posted by vepsalainen
Hopefully will see you in Finland in the future, again!! <3
February 09, 2011 posted by steveh9
New Music
I will look forward to more dance music.When new music comes out here in LA,the clubs have nights where they play a lot of Madonna music all night long,and they make it an event.We all go out and have a blast-wearing our Madonna t-shirts,dress in various styles like Madonna,and just dance our cares away.Thank you Madonna
February 07, 2011 posted by choclolly
We want MORE !
Can't wait for the new album. Been playing your music all the time and missing you so much. Go girl, show them how it's done !!! Your fan forever
January 30, 2011 posted by vernon
about time
looking forward to your new album and hopefully a tour. glad to hear you are working on new material and i know, once released, will do well :)
January 25, 2011 posted by Than
Hi...when are u gonna have a new music...please....mwaaaa....
January 24, 2011 posted by yerzhan
Every day I looking news about Madonna's new album. I need more M in my life. I need more music, new sounds, new imagines, new videos... Every album gives me power to be better, to improov myself.
January 23, 2011 posted by lvboi86
I'd love to hear Madonna work with Diplo or Feadz. Maybe Mr. Oizo or Sebastien Tellier. How hot would a Santogold/Madonna collabo be??!! Kleerup? Madge and M.I.A.? Either way, I can't wait to hear what she comes out with. <3 <3 <3
January 22, 2011 posted by eppyvice1
i'm looking forward to hearing brand new songs from THE QUEEN...love it
January 22, 2011 posted by johnpenn
mADDest, sICKest, bAdAss
Hey, Madonna, you know there is nobody madder, sicker or badder than me. I got a song for you called "They Call Me Madonna" which includes the lines "We'll dance through the night and all feel right and not let anything bring us down.' It has a great ringtone. -John Penn
January 22, 2011 posted by
tour idea
I just watched truth or dare...it would be bad ass to see u re live this tour..i love the like a virgin remix number u did on the tour!! I love u madonna
January 19, 2011 posted by madonnafansoldier
good luck
All i can say is good luck, looking forward to seeing and hearing the new song. thank you for giving me inspiration to continue my dancing career and being my idol since i was quite small.i enjoy your music so much and like i said before am always free styling to it. GOOD LUCK!
January 17, 2011 posted by esther77
We cant wait, so great feeling right now :D.
January 16, 2011 posted by Anyaina
We can't wait 4 more of you soon! Thank you for the music & love ;) consider coming to Lima Peru this time, please! Xoxo, Angie.
January 15, 2011 posted by tess28
i would love to hear the old madonna, material girl rulez!!!!!!! love you ILOY!
January 11, 2011 posted by madonnafansoldier
the special statement from Madonna
absolutely awesome, all your music is really good to dance to i dance to it all the time in my bedroom like freestyling i don't no if im any good at free styling though all i know is that im a quick learner in learning a dance sequence!
January 11, 2011 posted by LaIslaMaria
How about some sound's out of AFRICA ? drums & tribal beat ? I heard you were dancing down there with the villager's ! They have unique musical instruments & sounds ! There are also amazing plants, tree's & flowers and animals to incorporate into your new music, video's, album covers and new tour ! GOOD LUCK XOXOXOXO
January 09, 2011 posted by IlaMilano
New album
Need a new Ray of light album or a rock album,no more dance albums!Something epic!Love you!
January 08, 2011 posted by donnadelicious
Yes please come with new music cuz I know a tour is not too far behind :D
January 07, 2011 posted by pop_kingdom
my ears can't live anymore without ya! they need you...N me too of course!!!, please don't make me wait more!!!!
January 07, 2011 posted by Sylvie
proposal from Belgium.
Dear Madonna, I am a classical free-lance singer. I sing a lot with the famous ensemble Collegium Vocale Gent. What do you think about mixing dance music with very high soprano sounds. (i sing to contre G)To mix Pop with Classic (but not Opera as that is not new). to experiment and see what comes out?hope you react positive :-) xs
January 07, 2011 posted by nugget
It has been awhile...I NEED NEW MUSIC!
January 07, 2011 posted by Nadiia
You'll find the most strange and sickest people here DEFINITELY!..just like i am!)...i'm 21 but still don't know who i am,...i look at life differently, i like to do everything wrong and to meet Madonna is my dream...only your songs makes me feal so strong and happy, i can do anything for you! :* u r my ray of light)
January 06, 2011 posted by felipe
if madonna want to work with some of the finest, cool and breaktrough producers need to call those guys...
January 06, 2011 posted by ptank
It's about time!
Can't wait! I'd love to see Madonna working with Red One and Nicki Minaj... :-)
January 05, 2011 posted by emorales
That is awesome news Madonna and hopefully you will go on tour to promote the new album. I have been to all your concerts and they have been out of this world. You rock !!!
January 05, 2011 posted by seville
SI MADONNA HAZ UNA CANCION CON TUS FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
January 05, 2011 posted by jrevelator1971
I am so happy to post a comment on your website. A new album released in 2011, what a great news. I recently listened to "Frozen". I was in hospital. I felt this song so emotional that I must admit I cried (even a man can cry, for those who have some doubt about it). I hope your new album will at least includes one "slow" song like Frozen or Love don't live here anymore (your voice is so warm and beautiful on such songs) as well as dance music songs, of course (I really love "Celebration"). No more hip ,hop, please, keep this experience in the past. You are definitely my favorite singer, I love to listen to you everytime, whatever my feeling. Keep on, you're the best.
January 05, 2011 posted by adamherbison
Ultimate Fan Suggestion??
As a fan for over 20 years and having met my best friend through ICON in the mid 90's I thought of the ultimate suggestion. For Madonna fans to help/inspire/co-write a new song with Madonna for her upcoming new album. Just a suggestion. I thought it would be a cool idea for both the fans and Madonna to write a song together. Make it a contest. Submit ideas. Let the fans give back so all can enjoy. What do you think????
January 04, 2011 posted by edu4133
madonna the power to invade the hearts of his fans I love Madonna's music, only it will be forever the queen of pop is simply unique.
January 04, 2011 posted by iconboyips
Music you can dance to? Sounds great. I love it when you make me wanna dance!
January 04, 2011 posted by hung_up_material_boy
I can't wait!!!
I want to hear the most hardcore dance music ever...and I would also love to hear some more inspirational music too...Like A Prayer is still my favorite, a masterpiece!!! Give em hell, Madge!!! XD
January 04, 2011 posted by pascale78
We want to see you on stage in 2011!!!!!!
January 03, 2011 posted by 54
I'm so happy that she come back!! yesss :D she's the queen!
January 02, 2011 posted by logiekirk
great news
and dont forget to make a kick ass video too! i miss bedtime story/bad girl/ music type videos
January 02, 2011 posted by Xandro74
Madonna The Girl!
Love you since i first ever heard you, each and every album you made, marks a very special time in my life and ur songs are the happy chanting that i put on when i need to break off from being said, thanks for just being ! Can't wait to see ur new work. Love ,Xandro.
January 01, 2011 posted by shaunagh
Cant wait to hear the queens new music!!! if help is wanted hit me back coz i love to sing nd rap!!!
January 01, 2011 posted by Tarik40
Concert 2011
When are we going to see you on stage? We are desperately looking for a live show :)
December 31, 2010 posted by
I wish You the best in the new year!!!!!!!! :-D
December 31, 2010 posted by ultrabri
HELL YEAH!!! Madonna is medicine to the ears!!! Dance disco love and coffe music please!
December 31, 2010 posted by phil_manson666
Acid Rock
OMG! You should work with heavy rockers like Marilyn Manson & excellent music makers like Goldfrapp, they definitely make you wanna groove!!
December 31, 2010 posted by seville
waiting for you....
madonna haz algo bueno como confessions on a dance floor o RAY OF LIGHT pero algo mas MADONNA!
December 30, 2010 posted by Harvy
Revive the songs and the steps of your 8
Please revive the steps of your songs in the 80s, like in the song "Papa don't Preach" because of your steps in that song, here in the Philippines, that steps made you more famous. Like MJ he did not change his steps on his concerts, he used them, so that the people here remembered his steps always. And Please come in our country, and make your concert here. We want to hear and dance with your songs. Thank you maam. Long live the King and the Queen of POP!
December 29, 2010 posted by benduncalf
Hurry UP! :) x
... that is all ....
December 29, 2010 posted by tobebius
45 rpm
I recently bought usb decks and have been buying old Madonna 45's on ebay to complete my collection... bring back vinyl.
December 29, 2010 posted by Mildred
December 29, 2010 posted by hankypanky69
So Excited
Can't wait to see what Madonna does next. Whatever it is I know it's going to be awesome. Love you Madonna.
December 28, 2010 posted by
I'm your fan since i was 13yr when i saw your erotica show at maracana in Rio for my first time.I can't wait to hear your new songs.... check it out with Bruno Mars his good,Lady Gaga and maybe Ricky Martin. just please bring those songs that touchs our soul,show this new generation of artist who is the QUEEN!!!!! LOVE ALWAYS CLAUDIO
December 28, 2010 posted by finilino
lady rock
lady roch is lady rock
December 28, 2010 posted by chrisiana
Change is good but what exactly do you mean? What kind of change do you need? Maybe different point of view....
December 28, 2010 posted by Mcaroll37
Je commençais à m'ennuyer à écouter d'autres artistes à la radio,je suis en manque de bonne musique,Excellente nouvelle !!!
December 27, 2010 posted by ohn
new album madonna!!!!!
I am dying for the next Madonna Album—I loooved Hard Candy and Sticky and Sweet Tour——–Can’t wait for the music———–I haven’t gotten that excited about an album since Hard Candy—I love that cd I have played it a million times—-Her performances were excellent—I love the style of Hard Candy/Sticky and Sweet///I loved the opening of the tour—It was f-cking cool as sh-t–never saw an opening like that—-New Album, Madonna–now!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
December 26, 2010 posted by kuwpiedoll
Music makes life
I live and love to dance and sweat to bad ass music, the people we need to motivate is ourselves. I love it when I'm inspired! Pam
December 26, 2010 posted by madonna4everandever
Can't wait to hear Madonna again!!!!!!! =) and I hope she will be soon on tour!!!!!
December 25, 2010 posted by mantraxito
back to basic
And you can make great music For inspiration Come on we are waiting Get into the groove Girl you've got to prove Your love to us, yeah Get up on your feet, yeah Step to the beat Girl what will it be!!!!!
December 25, 2010 posted by marian8680
What a christmas gift!
Wow, I am thrilled to learn that you'll be busy putting out a new record. Can't wait to listen to some new stuff. It's been long, since Sticky and Sweet was so stretched out. Have a wonderful Holiday season and all the best for the new year!
December 25, 2010 posted by juliannamarie
Merry Christmas Madonna & Family!
May you be blessed with a beautiful and wonderful holiday season, surrounded with Love, Peace & Joy! Julianna Marie Stratton
December 24, 2010 posted by
im sure its gonna be a hit!
December 24, 2010 posted by fierygargoyle
So Excited
I can't wait for this new music, I am literally bouncing around the house with this great news. New tour too, oh..this is too much!! Madonna, do you remember me??..I was the one who dreamt you had cheese strapped to your belly. Lots of love to you..xoxoxo
December 24, 2010 posted by mlvc4me
Need More M!
No matter who you collaborate with, it will be outstanding! Can't wait...off to have a Sticky and Sweet Christmas Eve...much love from Ohio!
December 24, 2010 posted by Phill
starting to save for tickets for the next tour NOW!
December 23, 2010 posted by cnveatch
The Madam has spoken!
One of the greatest moments of my life is when I finally got to see her in concert, Houston 2008. I have been missing her ever since! Thank you Madonna!
December 23, 2010 posted by jonathan91
Yeahhh love M
same as me...sweat....move...dance....thats why we adore you..kiss kiss
December 23, 2010 posted by Anyaina
Missing you andes being your follower through the years, has taught me how importante in life isla do never stop, beso perfectionist with yourself, workaholic and 'hopelesly devoted to you' but, even more, to our ideals and dreams. If you think I could help here, where I live in Lima Perú, I'm mexican! I'll beso honored! Merry X-mas dear Madonna, please do it: GIVE IT (your music, art & work) 2 us! Love always, Angie.
December 23, 2010 posted by buddyluv
CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!
Going through withdrawal from the need for new "M" music!!!! Happy Holidays Madonna and Everyone!
December 22, 2010 posted by BOBAN
Fantastic,super,super you are the best pop-diva!!!!!!!!!
December 22, 2010 posted by JAYBURKE
December 22, 2010 posted by BOBAN
It`s so cool super,super Madonna is the best pop-girl outthere!!!!!!!!!!!!
December 22, 2010 posted by madonnaas
Finally!!! I think,it would be the best if it's possible to make double CD,one with dance because you are the master in that area and one with ballads that we are all waiting too long...it's not too much,right? :))) Anyway,looking forward to it!!!
December 22, 2010 posted by 94jump
Oh Yeah!
I really need to listen to new music.. I can't live without Madonna!!
December 22, 2010 posted by BOBAN
That`s so cool super,super the best pop-girl out there!!!!
December 21, 2010 posted by zonnevlecht
Please no Madonna, we don't need any dance music of you again! Please bring us some modern pop-rock like ray of light, like a prayer and beautiful stranger! Please choose quality! We are tired of dance at this moment. I have a modern taste and i'm not old fashioned. We need timeless Quality of you now! You are the best, i love you since i was young in the 80's and like all your albums. Hope you will change your mind.
December 21, 2010 posted by saviljan
What a awesome statement
I so cannot wait unil we get some new music from Madonna!
December 21, 2010 posted by Kolpino
2011-2012 Confessions Age!
MADONNA! PLEASE! Next Music,Next Song in Stile Confession&Hard Candy Albom Mix! Please! It`s Be Greate!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank`s!
December 21, 2010 posted by jimmy342
It's about time! I need a fix (AND a tour btw)
December 21, 2010 posted by giovanni92
Wooooow! Thank you, my Queen!
December 21, 2010 posted by Kristo4Ishtar
Keep going
I wish you all the luck of the world with your new recordings! All the best ...
December 20, 2010 posted by Enrique_Javier
You kick ass!
You're the best. Looking forward to it!
December 20, 2010 posted by iconarno
Not ever seen before!
Yes dance record! Can't wait M! MaSiMbass guy.
December 20, 2010 posted by Inspired25yr
Madonna 's Back
can't wait for your next song good on you MADONNA
December 19, 2010 posted by markcq
Can't wait!!! I've been sitting on the edge of my seat for MONTHS waiting for something new. Bring us some more confessions and make them sticky and sweet! xxx
December 19, 2010 posted by orlando694
Thank God!
Can't wait for the new album! and a new album means a new tour. and only you can make the live concert experiance something that people haven't seen before. Love you Madonna!!!:)
December 19, 2010 posted by Madam_S
Oh Madonna, you have no idea how happy this makes me! I can't wait! I love you, my Queen!!
December 19, 2010 posted by hu8_humanelement
We love you Madonna and cant wait for new Music from you! Hercules and Love Affair and you would be a match made in heaven! also check out JamieWoon-NightAir if your looking for hot music...just sayin too! ps.call me!
December 19, 2010 posted by jenniferbrorman
Yes! Yes, YES!
I'm so excited! Can't wait to hear what M has in store for us this time.
December 19, 2010 posted by sittingbull
thats great
great news cant wait to see what she comes out next with its so good news , i only thought that by what ive read on the net that her record was ready !!!!! but anyways excellent news cant wait now:-) viva my queen
December 19, 2010 posted by jaedheral
Madonna. 4ever
December 18, 2010 posted by vicenteguerrero
All we are waiting for it!
God bless you, Madonna! Have a nice work and holidays too. See you soon on stage!
December 18, 2010 posted by appletez
New Music !!
Looking forward to it !!
December 18, 2010 posted by iconarno
great lets get it on!
December 18, 2010 posted by abesteirado
the queen is back! i'm very happy with this. i wait a new album like a ray of light, or true blue =D Madonna, I love you... kisses from Brazil
December 18, 2010 posted by DTG
Finally good news!!!! It will be amazing to have a new album so good and so deep as Ray of light!!!
December 18, 2010 posted by aljanika
Thanks M!
My heart is happy!
December 17, 2010 posted by camjt
So excited! Can't wait for your new album Madonna! We want another Ray of Light or Light a Prayer
December 17, 2010 posted by SWordfishxxxla
Thank you Queen!!!!
I can't wait to add it to my collection, hard and download copies... I need to see more and hear from the Queen Madonna!!! Love you :)
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