Support the LGBT Community At Madonna's St. Petersburg Show

August 08, 2012
At Thursday's Madonna concert, a pink wristband will be available to anyone that wants to support the LGBT community in St. Petersburg. The wristband will be part of the show - be prepared to raise your arm in support!
August 14, 2012 posted by Alexander1971
Thank you, Madonna!
Thank you, Madonna, for supporting gays in Saint-Petersburg! The show was magic and sincerely!
August 11, 2012 posted by runner
Madonna's strength
As a Gay/Lesbian activist; Thank you Madonna for using your fame for great use. From HIV to Africa to the St.Peterburg show. You are an incredible person that makes a real difference.
August 10, 2012 posted by steveluvspugs
Like No Other
Madonna...What words come to my mind? Brave, Strong, Talented, Undaunted, Intelligent, Focused and well, TALENTED LIKE NO ONE ELSE!
August 10, 2012 posted by RosMu
thumbs up!
our support from Mexico! a country that slowly has been accepting that a society is full of differente people. NO matter gender, color, sexual preference, religion either. LIke Richard Jutney said in a previous message, we are a big family, let's stop all hate in here to amke this a better place a peaceful world to our children and for ourselves.
August 10, 2012 posted by r_kutney
LGBTI acceptance
I want to share some wisdom with you. In this world, there are heterosexual people and homosexual people. (Also bisexual, transgender/transexual and intersexed). In the past when I was growing up, we didn't discuss homosexuality. It was considered taboo. So, I've learned that all people are not either masculine or feminine. There is a whole range inbetween. And it's okay to be the way you are. There are women who are masculine. There are men who are feminine. Too often, our society has condemned people who aren't "straight." Societies have punished people who aren't "straight." There is still a lot of discrimination against gay people and other people who don't fit the definition of what is considered "normal." Religion has influenced society to ignore, disparage and even hate LGBTI people. We need to realize that whatever God is, there must be a purpose that God has for all varieties of people who exist. We are all one family and it is time that we start acting like one. Be well. Richard Kutney
August 09, 2012 posted by Antaeus
Where is the mind?
Human limitation has no boundaries. M, thank you explain it to people. Thank you for your wise words and show in Moscow.
August 09, 2012 posted by
thank you so much!
your support to Pussy Riot and Russian LGBT is invaluable!!! thank you so so so so much!!! this is so generous and heartfelt. love!!!
August 09, 2012 posted by MQ
Go on this way MADGE...
That's right my QUEEN...Go on fighting against everyone who doesn't respect the basic human rights and who have created their own justice...Keep on fighting for a better world all over the planet...We all are on your side...
August 09, 2012 posted by adrianmccoy39
Thank you!
Madonna, Thanks much for verbalizing our rights as human beings for free speech, peace and tolerance. Be careful of the negative energy around you. Sending much positive light your way!
August 09, 2012 posted by tristana63
This law against the LGBT in Russia is really absurd and silly. Let's fight for freedom! Thank you Madonna for supporting the LGBT for many times already!
August 09, 2012 posted by wonderland
Express yourself, don't repress yourself!
August 09, 2012 posted by lds199525
Freedom for all
You go girl and show them all!:)....sending my support for your next show in Russia and for the LGBT community across Russia. Jozef form Slovakia.
August 09, 2012 posted by mandyman
Fighting spirit
We should all wear pink wristbands today! Madonna me,my family & friends appreciate that you are so outspoken ,brave and that you care, thank you, you rule!
August 09, 2012 posted by EvgenyAlexander
I raise my arm in support!
I am proud to be Russian, but I am NOT proud of our government and regime!!! I hate dictatorship and discrimination!!! I TOTALLY support your speech that you gave in Moscow.
August 08, 2012 posted by cedritos
August 08, 2012 posted by PACHUCA
No more repression!
am willing to support and eradicated with these absurd ideologies that prevent retrograde let people be happy!
August 08, 2012 posted by Thaumas_Oneroi
Madonna - MDNA
I love to hear and see you Madonna! At this moment you are the voice of millions of Russians hungesr for fredown!! Let's go wild and fight for our rights!!!! I love you!!!
August 08, 2012 posted by krisdan
August 08, 2012 posted by jiggyjump
You go girl!
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