The re-Invention Tour starts tonight!

May 24, 2004
We are all excited and will be there back stage to give you all the highlights!  Stay tuned to this site for our review from the opening night and press reviews from every city!

While waiting in anticipation, here are some interesting facts and figures about the tour:

 750,000 Fans will see her show
 110 People will travel on the road with the tour
 58 Minutes for Madonna to get hair and makeup completed before show
 56 security guards backstage
 55 Tons of above ground equipment including sound, lights, videos and speakers
 40 Tons is the weight of the stage
 30 Trunks will carry wardrobe of entire touring company
 25 Cases of Kaballah Water provided backstage nightly (backstage beverage of choice)
 18 Semi Trucks will carry equipment including special 'Turntable" stage
 18 Dressing Rooms in each venue for touring entourage
 12 Tons of sound equipment in air
 12 Dancers
 8 Minutes for Madonna to do warmup on Pilates stretch ball
 6 Madison Square Garden Shows sold out in one day
 5 Costume changes
 5 Musicians
 4 Wembley Arena Shows sold out in one day
 3 Toronto Shows sold out in one day
 3 Ricola cough drops consumed by Madonna prior to start of show
 2 Background vocalists
 1 Full truck to house Madonna's wardrobe and makeup
 1 Skateboarder
 1 Large cup of Throat Coat Honey Lemon Tea consumed by Madonna prior to start of show
 1 Children's Play room backstage
 1 Bagpipe player

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