VIP Launch Of The "Truth or Dare" Fragrance In NYC Tomorrow

April 11, 2012

Madonna will attend the exclusive VIP launch of her Truth Or Dare fragrance at Macy's Herald Square in NYC tomorrow.

Be one of the first 200 to purchase the exclusive All Access 'Truth or Dare' Package starting today and get a VIP pass to join the celebration!
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22 April, 2012
Waiting for mine..
A friend of mine is trying to get one in Europe for me. I'm SOOOO exited to have it, smell it, sense it .... try it on me!! I will smell "Truth or Dare" everyday since now on :) I can´t wait for my friend to come back from his trip... CU at NYC at The Yankees' Stadium next September, MDNA !! L.U.V. I'm coming JUST TO SEE YOU all way from Buenos Aires, Argentina... I just love you, your song, your shows.. god.. you are unique, amazingly unique. I'll follow you as far and long as I can.
20 April, 2012
Where are the men ? lol
I love this fragrance but you must quickly make perfume for men !!! and may be also a clothing line for men ♥♥♥
17 April, 2012
how smeels , like a perfum or cologne
Far far away . How intense will all this amaizing combo of essences. Smeel. well impatient to get in the shops.
16 April, 2012
much success in this new project, I hope soon this for sale in Mexico. Congratulations queen. I see you on November 24th, I will have a GREAT birthday present , hope to see you again at the third visit, thanks for your fans think of Latin America =)
16 April, 2012
Thank you Madonna for taking my dare and making me the happiest fan on the planet! You have been the sountrack to my life since 1982 and to now I have you as part of my (M)DNA forever! I know you told me I was crazy when I had you autograph my arm. You were correct-I am crazy for you!! You are my SUPERSTAR and I will always support your different projects. It is what us super fans do! :) XOXO Frank
15 April, 2012
Thank you my queen
I want to thank my queen for give this opportunity to us the fans I was the lucky one to get a pass for the VIP and finally my dream of seeing you up close come true after being a fan of you since 82 and all I have to say is that you are so beautyful I love you always my queen
13 April, 2012
I wish I could be there. I have to buy tires. Yuk!
12 April, 2012
Once again I'm the last to know, Why?! I'm sure it will be an awesome success!
12 April, 2012
I live so far way !!! buahhhhhhhhh !!!!!
It'b be greate to be there to congratulate to my queen, but unfortunatelly I live here in Buenos Aires. Hugs and kisses !!!!
12 April, 2012
Thuth or Dare in Portugal, please!
I wish I could live there! But I'll buy it as soon as it gets to my country! Love you my only Queen! See you in Coimbra! TIME GOES BY SO SLOWLY!
11 April, 2012
If Only...
I could attend to not only purchase my bottle of Truth or Dare, but see the Queen herself at Macy's Herald Square in NYC.
11 April, 2012
Truth Or Dare New York City
I am miles away but if you go have a wonderful time all - i bet the perfume smells just lovely : )
11 April, 2012
Love having even MORE from you, hope to see you soon in PERU! Plz be careful in Tel Aviv. Love, Angie.
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