Vote For Your Favourite Madonna Video

August 10, 2012

To celebrate our Material Girl's Birthday, Billboard have just launched a poll allowing you to vote for your all time favourite Madonna video.

Go ahead and vote before August 16th!
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07 September, 2012
Hello and Happy Birthday to the 1 and only Grand Dame of POP. Erotica has always been my favorite, loved it at the Girlie Show and I can,t wait to see you in Chicago on Sept19th. Hugs & Kisses. Bill / Alvin Illinois.
25 August, 2012
I'm A Sinner
Madonna does an excellent job of singing all songs in this album, MDNA..This song contains some tearful religious overtones that Madonna exemplifies exceedingly well..Alan
24 August, 2012
High Flying Adored
In this film clip, Madonna is extravagantly dressed as she climbs the steps of the party get together..The scenery and music are superb..Alan
23 August, 2012
Papa Don't Preach
Madonna does an excellent job of bringing a strong message across to the listener..The music and rhythm is perfect; Madonna's voice can not be beaten by anyone..Alan
23 August, 2012
This time I would like to vote for all the songs on the entire MDNA album. Madonna worked so hard in its production and success that she deserves a super amount of recognition..I'm A Sinner has a hint of religious sentiment..Alan
22 August, 2012
I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You
Madonna sings this song as she gracefully dances, talks and moves across the floor. Her costume, hair and jewelry are terrific..She skillfully walks downstairs in one scene and continues singing simultaneously..Such a scene could never exist without Madonna's performance..Alan
22 August, 2012
Madonna does this song marvelously well; her voice is clear, powerful and excellent..It would not be a song without Madonna doing it..Alan
21 August, 2012
Vogue is a really cool video! Love it and the song! :D
19 August, 2012
the moonwalker
How honored for you, I could not omit. My favorite video could not be expected, "Like a Prayer". It has everything to do with me. You are wonderful. I love you, i love you, i love you ...
19 August, 2012
La Isla Bonita
Madonna sings and coordinates well with the other entertainers in this film clip. Her costume and colors are extravagant as Madonna gracefully moves across the stage..An enormous singing voice she has...excellent video from you tube..Alan
19 August, 2012
El imaginario .The music, the lirycs, the mistic mind, the wishes,what makes us happy. Thanks
18 August, 2012
Open Your Heart
Madonna does an excellent job of performing this song; sheis a nice beautiful woman to go along with her singing..Alan
18 August, 2012
best of all
i waish her a happy birthday and a longlife as well
17 August, 2012
Happy Birthday
The queen forever. The best video for me is Frozen
17 August, 2012
Falling Free MDNA
Madonna sings of becoming free; I sense she means in a peaceful manner reminiscent of life's end.It is a very touching song..She moves and dances gracefully; I can't wait until October to see her in Phoenix AZ...Alan
16 August, 2012
Happy Birthday Madonna!
Hope you have a wonderful great Birthday! Can't wait to see you here in Houston, TX. My all time favorite video from you has to be Vogue! But then again every video you make is awesome! Happy Birthday! Rick-In Texas
16 August, 2012
Requiem For Evita
Madonna as a great actress portrays Eva Peron on her death bed so convincingly. The music and the whole film clip are excellently arranged and colorful...Happy Birthday, Madonna..This is the least I can say to a great woman and entertainer..Alan, your ICONer and friend..
16 August, 2012
Happy Birthday Madge!
And the beat goes on You're a happy girl It's your birthday song In your happy world I know it's gonna be a good day Oh yeah, today is your birthday ingrid from France
15 August, 2012
Happy Birthday Madonna! Love ya hun!!!!
15 August, 2012
Happy Birthday my love!
Happy Birthday Madonna! :wub:[sub][/sub] much love from the Chantal
15 August, 2012
Oh Father
It's funny that way, you can get used To the tears and the pain What a child will believe? You never loved me... This song is Perfect !!!!!! I love it !!!!!!!!
15 August, 2012
Don't Cry For Me, Argentina
Madonna in this clip did such a wonderful strongly presentation of this song that she deserves to mention it for her birthday..Her costume and her hair color and style were unbeatably beautiful.She gave this film clip all she had, energy wise...Alan
15 August, 2012
(for me)..PAPA DON'T PREACH!" by mv.italy.
15 August, 2012
My best video is Hung up and justify my love, there are excellent madonna's history videos.
15 August, 2012
justify my love
14 August, 2012
Like a Prayer
Love the song and Love the video <3
14 August, 2012
Only one???
Bedtime Stories! Girl Gone Wild, Oh Father, Human Nature, 4minutes, Hung Up, Sorry, Die Another Day, What it feels 4 a Girl, Drowned World, Bad Girl, Nothing Really Matters
14 August, 2012
I love it all :)
I can not choose,cause i love everything from Madonna xxx
14 August, 2012
i love this one
14 August, 2012
justify my love
La plus équivoque !!! Reste dans l'air du temps MDNA. Tu es éternelle !
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