Watch The Director's Cut Of Madonna's Olympia Show

August 12, 2012
The Director's Cut of Madonna's performance at the Olympia Hall in Paris is available on demand on the LoveLive Channel on Youtube:
August 26, 2012 posted by Antara
MDNA Album
Madonna does an excellent job as always in all her concerts..Madonna's MDNA world wide, she did excellently..I like the Olympia also..Alan
August 25, 2012 posted by Antara
Olympia Director's Cut
I viewed part of this clip and Madonna once again is doing a great job..She is in superb physical condition and wearing a beautiful costume..Alan
August 21, 2012 posted by valafonina
It's .. OMG!!
One of the best shows!! Madonna, Je t'aime! I was really happy to see u in Russia! Thank u for supporting! Hope to see you again :)
August 16, 2012 posted by gramina
very cool show MDNA
A lesson in French history (the people have power) very beautiful spectacle of physical conditioning Je t'aime song that has been banned from playing in radios and considered the sexiest of all with its insinuating moans. Optimal choice and performance of MDNA. Congratulations MDNA
August 16, 2012 posted by Mcaroll37
Show captivant...
I wanted to thank you for taking the time to meet us. Thank you very much for giving us this honor. I will remember this show as a moment memorable. Thank you again for your generosity the pleasure of seeing you.
August 15, 2012 posted by susanlynn
J Taime Paris
How much more can you keep giving us these high dinamic performances? great vocals, great dance sequences, great show and what a great party. Truly MADONNA you are great..
August 14, 2012 posted by
Me Ciccone
August 14, 2012 posted by cedritos
I was just amazed at how much detail she put into this performance, and Beautiful Killer... Too Muchhhhh. I still don't understand why some people did not appreciate it. I wish we had that here in Colombia.
August 14, 2012 posted by mandyman
I'll watch it..
over, and over, and over,...again. Watching this after been at Madonna's fantastic show is the greatest afterparty! Luv you M and thank you for the greatest tour in earth.
August 13, 2012 posted by lesserpumo
i cant wait to see!!!
August 13, 2012 posted by miamimadonna
Awesome show!!!
Thank you so much MADONNA for this great intimate and thrilling show at l'Olympia in Paris!!! You are very generous and talented. I really liked the performing for Beautiful Killer! Please repeat this kind of show sometime in Barcelona's Sant Jordi Club. From your #1 fan in Barcelona!!! LOVE YOU MADONNA FOREVER!!!
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