I'm Going to Tell You a Secret

(20 Jun 2006)


With I'm Going To Tell You A Secret, which documents her Re-Invention World Tour on CD and DVD, Madonna turns the world into one big dancefloor. With a staggering 35 #1 dance hits during her unparalleled career, Madonna is the Queen of the Dance Floor, with an unrivaled reputation for astonishing stage spectacles. I'm Going To Tell You A Secret reveals all.

Warner Bros.
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Track List And Lyrics
    DISC NO: 1
  1. The Beast Within (live) Lyrics
  2. Vogue (live) Lyrics
  3. Nobody Knows Me (live) Lyrics
  4. American Life (live) Lyrics
  5. Hollywood (live) Lyrics
  6. Die Another Day (live) Lyrics
  7. Lament (live) Lyrics
  8. Like a Prayer (live) Lyrics
  9. Mother And Father (live) Lyrics
  10. Imagine (live) Lyrics
  11. Susan Macleod/Into the Groove (live) Lyrics
  12. Music (live) Lyrics
  13. Holiday (live) Lyrics
  14. I Love New York (live) Lyrics
  15. Bonus Material Lyrics