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A special commemorative edition of Life magazine looks at the 100 Greatest Americans chosen in a public vote for the Discovery Channel.

Last night the first show aired on TV and Madonna polled at number 46 in the list.

Christopher Ciccone once called his sister Madonna Louise 'her own masterpiece'. That she is an intricately crafted figure of great rarity who may or may not be a feminist icon and may or may not be much of a singer. But one thing is for sure; she is a star of the highest order, one with savvy, style, many facets and legs.
For more than 20 years she has had a phenomenial career, staying unerringly on the heat, while singing, dancing and voguing her way from disco diva to Marilyn Monroe marque to electronica queen.
Madonna can spot the next thing coming a mile off, she makes it her own, then delivers it with full frontal force. She long ago perfected the art of creating controversy (remember her Sex book!) which has been a powerful weapon for every celebrity since Cleopatra. She has done it her way, even down to creating her own record company and maintaining approval over every artist signed.
Madonna can be pondered and questioned, castigated and criticized, but she will continue to come out on top.