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Its time for us to announce the winners of our Gotta Have It contest! Thanks to all of you and H&M, our mailbox almost exploded during the week-end! Just check out the list below. If your name is featured, then Congratulations, you have won a pair of M By Madonna sunglasses! Ready to find out? And the 125 speediest Iconers are...
ICON is thrilled to get an exclusive interview with one of the STARS of the H&M Commercial, Nunzio! You can recognize Nunzio's character in the commercial because he was on the receiving end of the infamous slap from Madonna! Check out ICON's Interview and get to know Nunzio better!
GOTTA HAVE IT! Contest Iconers, today is the big one! The 'M by Madonna' collection that our girl designed for H&M is now in stores! We know you Can't resist running to your favourite H&M store in a matter of minutes, but before you do, Madonna wants to make your day even more special. Love those wonderful "M" sunglasses? ICON has 125 of them to give away!
Iconers, it's time for a new Icon exclusive! The TV ad for Madonna's H&M 'M By Madonna' collection is now available for online viewing from Since Madonna directed the commercial there was a lot more preparation than usual.
Dear Friends,

The time is near! The very first issue of Icon Digital will be released very soon! Get ready for exclusive content featuring Madonna and for things the printed version of the magazine just could not bring you...
ICON brings you another 10 second exclusive clip from Madonna's new H&M Commercial!
Madonna's brand new commercial is set to debut any day now! But H&M has a special treat for ICON! Click the links below to see a special 10 second teaser of the upcoming H&M commercial.
heck out Madonna's new commercial for Ariake! ICONers, share your thoughts about Madonna's latest creative endeavor by posting on the boards .
Recently Yuki Matsumoto, the producer of Madonna's recent Ariake commercial agreed to answer some questions for ICON! Check out the interview below.