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Being the face of Madonna and Lola’s “Material Girl” collection, (available at Macy’s next month) Taylor Momsen recently discussed her collaboration with the girls through a video interview, which features behind the scenes footage of the collection’s photoshoot.

Visit the Access Hollywood website now to watch the video feature.

This past weekend, reports circulated regarding a Raising Malawi benefit concert in Blantyre, Malawi. These reports are entirely false; Raising Malawi and Madonna have no plans to host such an event.

To learn how you can support the work of Raising Malawi, please visit:
During the past 4 weeks, you’ve voted for your favourite Madonna videos. While ‘Human Nature’ was voted as video of the week (see detailed votes below) and will remain available on the site’s homepage until next Monday, it’s time for your to vote for’s Video Of The Month!

Which of the past 4 winners should be named Video Of The Month? Bedtime Story? Vogue? Like A Prayer? Human Nature? It’s time to speak your mind Madonna fans! Come on, Vote!

Here are this week’s detailed votes:

Like A Prayer: 20,5%
Deeper And Deeper: 25%
Sorry: 21,6%
Human Nature: 32,9%

Thanks to all of your submissions, the Picture Project Gallery now includes more than 2,100 photos! Wait, we want more of those!

To do so, we've just added 2 new and fun categories: 'Dress You Up', which is devoted to pictures of you and/or your friends dressed as Madonna, Madonna look-a-likes, etc,. and 'Souvenirs'. This one stands for all of the pictures that don't fit in any of the other categories (your Madonna branded birthday cake, a balloon you've caught during a show, etc,.).

Go ahead, e-mail us your pictures now! While those will be included in the official gallery, you could also win a signed Madonna surprise, just like Marcin.R from Poland who is our winner for the month of July! Congratulations to him and good luck to you all!

Click here for more info and to submit your Madonna pictures.

David Fincher’s ‘Vogue’ was voted as’s Video of the Week last Monday. While a lot of you voted for it again, it wasn’t enough to beat Mary Lambert’s ‘Like A Prayer’ which will be featured on the site’s homepage for the next 7 days!

Here are the detailed votes:

Vogue: 24.1%
Like A Prayer: 35.9%
Bad Girl: 22.6%
Don’t Tell Me: 17.4%

Ready for a new battle? Click here to pick your favourite Madonna video out of the new selection we’ve just posted. Which of these great videos is our next winner? You decide!

Are you ready to Vogue for the next 7 days? More than 40% of you voted for the amazing 1990 video, which was directed by David Fincher. Here are the detailed votes:

Bedtime Story: 15,6%
Vogue: 44,8%
Rain: 27,2%
Material Girl: 12,4%

A brand new poll is now up, so make sure to vote for next week's winner. Will ‘Vogue’ remain as the most voted video? “Speak your mind, there’s nothing to it, Vote!”

The 2011 edition of the Guiness World Records features Madonna as the Top-selling Female Recording Artist, with album sales up to December 2009 of 75 million in the USA and 200 million abroad.

The Queen of Pop is also listed as the woman with the most #1 albums in the UK.

Congratulations Madonna!

“Let’s get Unconscious” Madonna fans... The results are in, and we’re happy to announce that ‘Bedtime Story’ was voted as video of the week! ‘Hung Up’ was getting close, but the amazing 1995 video, which was directed by Mark Romanek, finally won the online battle. Here are the detailed votes:

Open Your Heart: 21%
Hung Up: 29,5%
Bedtime Story: 31,1%
Borderline: 18,4%

The ‘Bedtime Story’ video will be featured on the site’s homepage for at least one week. Your mission is now to vote for next week’s winner. Just click here!


Madonna's Directorial Feature Debut to start Principal Photography on 5th July

Based on an original screenplay, "W.E", a film written by Madonna and Alek Keshishian is set to begin shooting this summer in Europe (UK and France) and the US.

"W.E" tells two parallel love stories separated by more than six decades. Acclaimed actress Abbie Cornish (Sucker Punch, Bright Star, Elizabeth: The Golden Age) has been cast in the role of Wally Winthrop – a young married New Yorker in 1998 who is obsessed with what she perceives as the ultimate romantic love story, King Edward V111's abdication for his love of Wallis Simpson. Andrea Riseborough has been cast in the role of Wallis Simpson. Riseborough is best known for her outstanding Bafta Nominated performance of Margaret Thatcher in the acclaimed BBC drama "The Long Walk to Finchley" and will soon be seen in Brighton Rock. British star James D'Arcy (Master and Commander, Secret Diary of a Call Girl) will play the part of Edward VIII. Wally Winthrop's Russian love interest Evgeni will be played by rising star Oscar Isaac (Robin Hood, Sucker Punch) and her husband William will be played by Richard Coyle (Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time). Art imitates life as the revered British acting dynasty provides father and son, James Fox (Sherlock Holmes, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Bafta nominated A Passage to India, Bafta winner The Servant) and Laurence Fox (Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Becoming Jane) in the roles of King George V and his son, Bertie.

1936 England - Wallis Simpson, an American woman, captured the heart of King Edward VIII. Already divorced and married to her second husband when she met Edward, then the Prince of Wales in London, the two fell in love. However, once crowned, Edward was told by the Church and the Prime Minister that he could not marry Wallis and remain King... He abdicated, giving up the throne to be with the woman he loved. Once married and known as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, they lived out what many considered to be the romance of the century.

1998 N.Y - Wally Winthrop has a troubled past and moves to New York from the South to work in Sotheby's Estate department. She gives up her job to marry a successful psychiatrist but the marriage is unhappy and Wally finds herself bored, frustrated and often alone. She seeks refuge in her obsession with what she believes to be the ultimate romantic love story, King Edward VIII 's abdication for his love of Wallis Simpson. When Wally discovers that there is going to be an auction of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor's Estate at Sotheby's, she takes the opportunity to return to her old hunting ground to try to understand the nature of the great love affair through the artifacts that once belonged to the couple. While at Sotheby's, Wally meets Evgeni, a Russian security guard, with a mysterious past. As she immerses herself deeper into the love story of Wallis and Edward, while spending more time away from her marriage, she finds herself falling in love.

We travel back and forth in time with Wally and Wallis, two fragile but determined women whose lives become inextricably linked. However, as the story unravels it becomes apparent that Wallis Simpson's life was not as perfect as Wally had thought.

The film will be produced by Kris Thykier (producer The Debt, Kick-Ass, Harry Brown, Stardust) with Executive Producer Scott Franklin (producer Black Swan, The Wrestler, Hounddog). The production team include Production Designer Martin Childs (Oscar Winner Shakespeare in Love, Oscar Nominated Quills, The Boy in Striped Pyjamas), Director of Photography, Hagen Bogdanski (The Lives of Others, The Young Victoria), Costume Designer, Arianne Phillips (Oscar Nominated Walk the Line, Bafta Nominated A Single Man) and Hair and Make Up Designer - Jenny Shircore (Oscar Winner Elizabeth, Bafta Winner and Oscar Nominated The Young Victoria).
While most of you are getting ready for their summer holiday, here are 2 things you need to do before gearing up for the beach: visit the Flickr gallery and check some of the 1,750 pictures now available and submit some more to develop the brand new categories we've just added: My Own Live Photos (e-mail us the pics you took while attending one of Madonna's past tours) and Pictures Of My Whole Collection (wanna share your full Madonna collection through a single pic? This section is for you!).

Keep those e-mails and pictures coming as we'll keep on updating the gallery throughout the summer! Also, check back soon as a new e-mail will be randomly picked later in July and the winner will be mailed a signed Madonna surprise...

Click here to access the Picture Project page now!