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September 2005 News Archive is pleased to confirm that the video director for Hung Up is Johan Renck. Hung Up is the first single off of Madonna's highly anticipated all dance album, Confessions on a Dance Floor.
By Michael Paoletta and Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

Madonna has finalized the track list for her new album, "Confessions on a Dance Floor." Producer Stuart Price tells Billboard the 12 - track set, due Nov. 15 via Warner Bros., is continuously mixed and that closer "Like It or Not" was the perfect choice to conclude the album.

"Basically, it's Madonna saying, 'This is who I am. This is what I do. Take it or leave it,'" Price said of the track during a Q&A earlier this week at the 12th annual Billboard Dance Music Summit in New York.

Price - - who was the musical conductor on Madonna's Re - Invention tour - - said the entire album, including the vocals, was recorded in his home studio in London. Apparently, he has a female neighbor that cries throughout the day and night. So, if you listen closely, "you may hear her on background vocals," Price said with a laugh.

The album's first single, "Hung Up," is currently featured in ads for the new Motorola/iTunes phone. The cut is available as a ringtone via and
DISC JOCKEYS from all across the U.S. converged in a small, chic backroom down at 14th Street's Lotus restaurant last Wednesday afternoon. They were there to listen to three tracks from Madonna's soon - due "Confessions on a Dance Floor" album, and to meet the CD's brilliant British producer, Stuart Price. Although it was all very casual, with cocktails and munchies, the music men - and women - listened intently, in their own hectic, head - bobbing way. (And most of them looked like fresh - faced college students!) M's sound went over big time, and Grammy - winner Price, only 30 years old, was mobbed. There were at least three dozen people in this confined space - Price could hardly move from all the handshaking, shoulder slaps and hearty hugs. He is worshipped in the dance community and uses another name on some work - Jacques Le Cont. He's produced for No Doubt and many others.

Talking about the songs, Price, who also has a very naughty sense of humor, said: "When dance music was young, there was a strong vocal, and the beat was underneath. Now, the vocal is not so prominent. Madonna and I wanted to make a dance album for today, which would satisfy everybody - those who want to really hear her voice and those for whom the driving thump - thump is the thing. I think We've succeeded."

Music scribe Maggie Stein, who also writes under the nom de plume Odyssey Jones, said, "This is hopeful dance music. It has a positive message, in that it's fun. Just fun. it's what Madonna needed to do.
Speculation from excited Madonna fans has produced tons of rumors about the new album track listing. Fans, Madonna has heard you and now wants to share with you the line up for Confessions on a Dance Floor! The final version of the Confessions on a Dance Floor album tracks are available right here!

1. Hung Up

2. Get Together

3. Sorry

4. Future Lovers

5. I Love New York

6. Let It Will Be

7. Forbidden Love

8. Jump

9. How High

10. Isaac

11. Push

12. Like It Or Not
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Madonna wanted her fans to be the first to see the cover art for her new album, Confessions on a Dance Floor. Madonna collaborated with Steven Klein and Giovanni Bianco to create this dazzling album artwork. Confessions on a will be released on November 14 in international markets, November 15 domestically.