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Madonna World Tour buzz is kicking into high gear!
Madonna takes top honors for Best International Female Artist at this year's Brit Awards show.
Thursday, March 1st is the cut-off day to get your submission in to MTV for their new Madonna biography show which is told entirely by her fans.
LONDON (AP) - Madonna dusted the queen's picture and Eminem drew a protest as they took top honors Monday as the British music industry offered its response to last week's Grammy awards.
MADONNA has said her forthcoming summer tour will mind-boggle the senses.
Kevin Reagan won an award for Best Recording package for Music.  He won the same award for Ray of Light!

Don't Tell Me remains at number 6 for a third week on next week's Billboard.
Madonna has defended controversial rapper Eminem in a letter to a US newspaper - saying she finds the language of George W Bush much more offensive.
Material Girl Makes Music
Madonna prepares for high-energy GRAMMY performance
Madonna will be recording What It Feels Like For A Girl in Spanish. The tentative release for the single will be the end of March.
GRAMMY Awards nominated DJ Richard Humpty Vission will run the turntables for Madonna's opening GRAMMY Awards set in Los Angeles on Wednesday (Feb. 21), according to a spokesperson for the DJ at People's Revolution, Inc.
MTV has a new Madonna biography show in the works, but this one's with a twist - it's told entirely by her fans.
We can now confirm that Madonna is in fact planning to open this year's Grammy Awards show with, as CBS puts it, "a show-stopping number you just Can't miss."
Famed opera tenor Luciano Pavarotti said Wednesday he would love to sing a duet with 'Queen of Pop" Madonna.
Guy Ritchie has announced that he and wife Madonna are planning to work together on her new video.
Madonna's new husband Guy Ritchie has revealed that he intends to direct one of her videos and since the birth of their son wants to make a movie for children.
Guy Ritchie is directing Madonna's next video, What It Feels Like For A
Girl. The video is being shot in Los Angeles February 11th and 12th.
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