Ritchie to Direct a Madonna Video

February 13, 2001
Madonna's new husband Guy Ritchie has revealed that he intends to direct one of her videos and since the birth of their son wants to make a movie for children.

During an interview in Los Angeles with UK tabloid 'The Mirror', the film director talked openly about his marriage to the Queen of Pop and said that she may have another baby if she plays her cards right.

He spoke honestly about his wife saying: Madonna is quite normal, really she likes to do the same things everyone enjoys. "We don't watch telly. We listen to music and watch films, write a bit and read a lot."

"Marriage to Madonna is magnificent," Ritchie gushed. "We had a magnificent wedding, we're having a magnificent time and we couldn't be happier."

Ritchie cast doubt over the accuracy of the countless reports on the couple's wedding in the Highlands of Scotland. "We've been private about it, he said. All I'll say is that nearly everything I read about it was untrue. Everything that was written was all a load of cobblers."

Guy denied the recent tales that his wife will star in his next movie, as it's an all-male story but he did say: "Sure I'd like to work with the missus, but I don't have an active project in mind that we'll do."

He continued: "I'll shoot one of her videos first and see how that goes. Creatively, we like the same sort of things, so it just makes sense to work together."

"Having a child has a profound effect on you and I am much happier and more secure now than I have ever been. And as I get drawn more and more into a child's world with Rocco, I'll get more and more interested in making a child's movie.

But at the moment he's at the stage where he Can't tell the difference between me and dog, so it's not really worth thinking about yet."


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