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The answer to the trivia question, "What was the name of Madonna's first Chi hua hua?"
A brand new Madonna year has just begun, and we're pretty sure that some of you found a copy of her official 2006 calendar under the Christmas tree. Now, we have a great deal for those who only got a pair of gloves. The only thing is that you'll have to take them off in order to turn the pages of one of the 20 calendars Madonna is giving away! Want a copy of this stunning calendar? Just answer the following question: Who is the photographer behind the shot used as cover art for the 2004 edition of Madonna's official calendar?
Check out the new 'Sorry' remix by Man with Guitar available on the ICON radio!
Congratulations to Marco Hiesl, Depalma, Vincenzo, Joshua Parks, Christopher Allan & Vicki Reynolds for winning The Next Best Thing Contest! For those of you who didn't win, the correct answer was Abbie Reynolds! Great job ICON!
Answer to the trivia question...
"What is the name of the Michigan pal Madonna meets in her "Truth Or Dare" documentary?"
Leah Cullen asks: Do you recall how you celebrated your 16th birthday back in 1974? (It was the day I was born and often wondered)
For this new contest, we are not going to talk about music but concentrate on Madonna's other passion: acting. Throughout her career, Madonna has been chosen by many directors to be part of big screen projects, including comedies, dramas and musicals. Who doesn't remember the funny Nikki Finn, the sexy Breathless Mahoney or the brillant and amazing Eva Peron?
Congratulations to Kirk Terry Armstrong for having his letter selected by Madonna! Terry is the winner of the Sorry Contest and will meet Madonna on the set of the video shoot! Stay tuned to ICON for more fun contests!
The remixers for "Sorry" have just been confirmed and include:
Lourdes Valdes asks: It is well known that you write most of the lyrics of your songs. Most people presume that your collaborators are responsible for the music. How much do you contribute to the melodies?
Before Madonna performed at Live 8 during the summer of 2005, she first asked Sir Bob Geldof to send her a letter explaining her why she should do it. We are now in 2006 and our lady is about to start filming of her Sorry video. And for the first time in 23 years, you could be the lucky Iconer to have your biggest dreams to come true: Madonna would like to invite one Iconer to visit the set of her new video!!! This contest's winner will be able to watch some of the filming of the video, meet Madonna and get his/her picture taken with her! Can you believe it?!
And the answer to the trivia question, "What is the name of the singer Madonna wrote "Each time you break my heart" for in 1986? is... Nick Kamen!

Check out and answer the new trivia question!
Check out Part 2 of the ICON Exclusive Interview with Stuart Price!

ICON:How did you develop the sound and style on the album?

STUART:The style came about because she wanted to make a dance record at the same time as I had been flying around the world dj-ing in every nightclub imaginable, from Russia to Miami, remixing a lot of bands and realising that really the lines between remixing and writing are so blurred. We had also just finished a tour where we had remixed a lot of her songs each day and just thought why don't we just remix some new ones?!
Congratulations to the winners of the Royal Box Contest! The correct answer to the question "Who is the photographer behind the shot used as the poster in the Royal Box Set?" is...
A brand new ICON radio playlist is available today. Enjoy the non stop mix of Madonna's biggest hits and rare remixes! Check it out!
In 1990 Madonna released her 'Immaculate Collection' album. Her first compilation ever is now considered one of the most successful releases of all time. Also released in 1990 was a limited edition of this record, "The Royal Box Set". This highly collectible item sold out just a few weeks after its release and remains as an essential Madonna collectible.
Elke Shcmidt Asks: In your song Superpop you sing about Martin Luther. I am curious which one you are referring to? Martin Luther the 16th century German theologian or Martin Luther King Jr. the 20th century civil rights leader?